HR options on outside workouts

Has it been proposed to have HR as an option on outside workouts? So Power, RPE and HR? Either to sync to a device to get workout targets or just as a guide like the RPE option.

We primarily recommend using RPE for Outside Workouts as HR can fluctuate quite a lot and it can be impacted by many factors (such as caffeine, hydration, sleep, heat, etc.). RPE tends to fall in line a bit more closely with power zones more consistently.

We haven’t focused much on HR zones as our workouts are based on power zones and RPE in the absence of a power meter. That said, I’ll pass along your suggestion because if there’s ever enough interest in it from the community, it could be something we’d consider in the future!

Thanks for the reply. I personally really rate HR in absence of power. And a cross check with RPE and or power too. I understand your points though.

No one stops you from looking at HR on your headunit during outdoor workouts. I often check HR on recovery or endurance rides and adapt power accordingly. Especially now in summer (northern hemisphere) when it gets hot and humid during lunch when I do my workouts.

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If you understand HR zones (based off threshold) then use them where appropriate - generally speaking that means allowing for HR to stabilize and at or below threshold.

Personally I don’t see much fluctuation in HR, and while I primarily use power, using HR can and has resulted in highly productive workouts (especially when I’m gaining fitness after a break).