HR high several hours after VO2 workout?

In general, I’ve been feeling great on and off the bike. HR during endurance/sweetspot has been trending down. Normally my HR per my Forerunner 955 is 55-65 bpm when at my desk while working.

I did a VO2 max workout at lunch and set some HR PR’s :exploding_head: Felt great during the workout too. It’s 4 hours later and I’m seeing my HR in the 70-80 bpm range while at my desk working. Garmin is showing alot of stress too but it’s tapering off a bit.

Is this normal? I’m due for a rest day tomorrow so maybe it’s a bit of cumulative fatigue from the last few days’ workouts, but I just wanted to check if other folks have seen something similar.

Im not saying it is this for certain but when I am feeling strong with a high HR which doesn’t go down my body is starting to fight something. It might be an urban myth but the story goes that the East Germans used to inject their Athletes with viruses. As when their bodies were fighting it initially they were super strong until they succumbed few day later and were wrecked, by which time the medals were already won.

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I think it is normal. My HR will stay elevated for hours after a hard workout. After a long hard race, it might even be elevated the next day. I usually feel pretty tired in these situations as well. My typical resting HR is about 45 and I’ve had situations the evening after a race where it won’t go below 65. If you are having palpitations or something, I’d look into it. Otherwise, time for some rest.


Nothing like that luckily. Glad to have a rest day tomorrow though.


Sounds normal to me. Especially if you set PRs on your vo2 workout. I’ll also see the biggest difference in resting HR after hard vo2 work or long sustained threshold work.

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Possibly/probably excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (epoc). It’s normal.


I’ve found that an easy short walk few hours after a VO2 workout makes the hr drop faster.