Heart rate stays high hours after workout

Hi! I am heading into my 12th week of SSB low volume training, and I started my TR journey extremely out of shape and overweight.

Lately I have noticed that my heart rate continues to stay elevated after an intense workout, around 100 bpm. Is this simply just from EPOC? Or is this something I should be concerned about.

I have a routine doctors appointment next week, but figured I’d ask the good folks In the trainer road community :slight_smile:

Resting hr, like you’re sitting down, or is it when you’re walking around doing regular stuff? Also how are you measuring?

sitting down, measuring with my whoop strap.

Only after intense efforts?

I’d measure pulse manually to ensure the Whoop isn’t playing up.

Have you been ill recently

Second this, measure it manually few times.


What is your normal rhr range (whoop profile shows this). What’s your max during a workout?

If you go from an 80 resting you 165 then back to 100 I’d say ok no bigs.

50-120-100. More concerned.

If you are in your first structured training and hitting week 12 you could just be peaking. Body does all
Sorts of weird stuff around those final rest weeks of a good training block.

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Yea confirmed with manual counting confirmation.

rhr 63
max for that workout 160 (max overall is 175)
came down to 100 fast enough but stayed there for a few hours, not breathing hard but still sweating a treat.

This past workout was the toughest of the block and the last interval had me breathing like the end of a ramp test fwiw - TrainerRoad

interesting about the peaking bit, didnt realize that.

Keep an eye on yourself and discuss with DR since you are going. With a big fitness journey I would hope this is just a part of it and nothing to worry about.

Other tips are try cold showers after and drink fluids.

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Hmm that sounds a bit high to me but having done pretty high level aerobic stuff most of my life I can’t say I have much experience of what is normal ‘off the couch’. So I would start by saying, if you think this is concerning then maybe shoot your doctor a message. They might say “yeah it’s no big deal as long as you don’t have chest pain or tightness” or they could say “yeah that’s concerning you should come in.”

So I would say the big things would be (as above) do you have any weird pain, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, or weird heart beat anomalies that you can feel? If you have any of those then I would definitely talk to a doctor. (Edit: just saw you have an appt next week. Absent these symptoms I would wait till then and mention it and say you just started a training program)

If not then it could just be a shock to your body. You say you are out of shape and overweight so you’ve basically just spent the last 12 weeks telling your body “hey, this is what we’re going to be doing from now on so you’d better start building all of the necessary infrastructure to support it.” So after working out your body is trying to replenish and build glycogen stores, repair muscle damage, build mitochondria, maybe even creating more red blood cells and blood plasma, maybe building new capillaries, etc. So all of that takes energy and oxygen so would require a higher HR to get all that stuff out to your body.


Thanks for the advice everyone!

No weird pain or chest tightness, honestly I don’t think I would have noticed it had I not checked. If I had to gamble and guess I would say it’s a measurable artifact of the various processes my body is running to repair and build. My quads are still sore 2 days after the workout.

This is the ‘easy’ week of the training block and my appt is on Friday so I’ll keep going and see what she says.

Going to try the cold showers post workout, it’s been very hot here.


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I find that my heart rate elevates if I get dehydrated, it doesn’t have to be by much so it easily sneaks up on me.

Drinking a large glass of diluted tomato juice (half water) or an electrolyte drink seems to help my heart rate return to normal.

I hope that you find an answer, an unexpected rapid heart beat is very disconcerting.

Have you done a stress test?
If not, it’s worth the money