HR and PwR zones

Spinning my wheels… my pwr and HR zones don’t make sense.

I’ve been doing a base training program for two months using training peaks. Requires many workouts in Z2. When I’m on the trainer I have a power meter. Based on my most recent FTP of 241, my Z2 is 135-182. When I set my my trainer to erg mode of 170watts, my HR hovers around 130 bpm plus or minus 5.

Now when I did my FTP test my Threshold HR was at 179… so when I set this up as my Threshold HR, my Z2 Heart Rate is supposed to be 145-157… a whole 15 bpm higher than what happens on my trainer at my PWR z2. Now, when I hit the road or trails with just my heart rate monitor, I have zero idea what zone I truly operating in.

Any advice? What am I missing here.

Thanks in advance!

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do a quick search in the forum. You will find a lot of threads covering this topic

Which HR system? Coggan has zone2 HR guidelines at 123-149 for 179 threshold HR:

HR has a lot of individual variation, and it also varies by whose system you follow.

Not unusual for power zone and HR zone to not agree.


What test did you do for your LTHR?

That was totally it. Sticking with Coggan on both Threshold HR and Power made them line up. Thanks for the help!

I just used my twenty minute average HR from my FTP test. Is that accurate?

No it should be 95% of that number but it’s better to do a longer sustained effort. Friel says at least 30 mins and avg the last 20

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