How to use TR and Garmin analysis tools

This past weekend I had an epic fail in a Gran Fondo and I want to look at the available data availible on the TR Dashboard and Garmin but I’m not sure what to look at and how.
Initally I was going to send a note to AACC but usually when a person sends a question like this @Jonathan or @Nate_Pearson look at the their training plan workouts, TSS and if they accepted updates via Plan Builder so before I send my issue to them…Where should I look to determine what happened?
TSS how far back?
Should i focuse on six week marcocycles prior to each race?
TSS actual vs planned?
Outdoor Workouts vs Indoor?
Workouts missed and why?
Is there anything I can pull off my Garmin?
I know I must also look at sleep which i track and I track HRV via Garmin 1040, Elite HRV and Fitbit HRV.
Am I going down the correct road with the above data?

What happened- I did a Gran Fondo 204km/127miles 2800m/9186ft climbing and could not hold the wheel of any grupetta or paceline for more than 5 minutes and a cat 3 climb that I normally perform well I struggled… had a drop in NP of almost 35 watts from two other races 3 and 6 weeks prior.
3 weeks earlier I completed a GF of 160km/100miles 2302m/7552ft climbing was strong thru out the race and finished strong as well.
6 weeks earlier I did a 1/2 GF 80km/50 miles 1899m/6239ft climbing and the same strong thru out and finished strong.
So what should look at?
-TSS and the in the 6 week block leading up to the each race. Is there any data I can pull from my Garmin that might help explain as well.
I know I must look at sleep and nutrition leading up to the race. I felt on point with in race fueling liquid carbs via beta fuel and electrolyte mix gels SIS and 226rs 40 and 50 grams of carbs, energy bars of 25 and 35 grams of carbs and bananas and apples and water at the aid stations.

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If it were me, I’d start at a high-level and try to keep it simple on the first pass.

From the top, if it was me:

  • either I had a bad day because immediately after the event I was fine (this happens!)
  • I possibly trained too much or too little in the 2-3 weeks before the event

For the second bullet I would simply look at (or share on forum) the weekly training load for last 90 days. Along with drilling in a little closer by looking at the workouts in the last few weeks leading up to the event. If you want help on that then share a screenshot of the last 2-4 weeks of your TR calendar.

I’m sure others have thoughts to share. It wasn’t clear in the last paragraph about carbs per hour so for that and sleep, I’m assuming those were fine.

Hope that helps.

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Okay will do but it might take minute as that was my last event and I am behind on the infamous “Honey Do List” :grimacing: and I just got two more tasks added as I’m typing :confounded:

I will get back with you guys when I can thanks for the quick response
@jlsazart @redlude


Yep, I’d go with to start. It gives a ton of very easy-to-read info. A quick thing to check is the Form section of the Fitness tab on the left-hand side. That’s a good way to gauge if you were under- or over-trained heading into the event. You can make it a little more sensitive by going into the Options and setting it to “Percentage of Fitness” instead of “Absolute Value.”

You need to add the “Form” section under Options, as well.


Thanks I will check it out. is my primary aggregate for training analysis. It replaced TP a while back. Since I don’t lock my self into one particular device vendor for cycling and running, it’s nice to have an independent site.

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