How to train specifically for Mont Ventoux, 2h climb

Ed Laverack has a couple of videos about riding Mont Ventoux on his youtube

This training one for example

And this one of his effort in the Mont Ventoux Gran Fondo… he won it.

In my experience the grade simulation at least why my Trainer is way to hard on zwift, if I set it to 60% trainer it feels about right for me. Else the Cadence is either way to low or I have to put out to much power.

He just missed the KOM from Malaucene by 7 seconds last month. I guess he knows what he is doing :+1:

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Just that he isn’t going to race but wants to do a single sustained climb in the shortest time possible. I wonder why and where he should attack above threshold or sprint there until his goal woud be to delay his ascend while he needs to recover from such.
Do you also sprint once in a while during time trials?

Hey @Slowwithouttwitch :slight_smile:

I was just applying the definition of the Climbing Road Race plan. This plan aside from building those things, as I mentioned, places a unique focus on sustained power, and the Climbing Road Race plans are specially designed to develop this ability.

That’s the TR plan I would suggest for someone that’s trying to go out and smash it with another person on a 2-hour climb. Lots of things/efforts happen in that period of time, especially if it’s unstructured and you have a second in the mix.

I would personally want to have good all-around capabilities. Who knows! Maybe they battle it at the end, haha.

The thing is, if you don’t do enough training above threshold, your FTP will stagnate. So even if you only care about threshold power, you need to still train high intensity, just not as much as a crit racer