How to show realtime training stress in Wahoo element

I looked around the setting menu, could not find one related, but more accurately, I am trying to find a number that can tell you how much left in your tank something like that? I know pro team they seems to have that kind of data when they are riding so they can control their effort.

I know there is an option to show accumulating TSS throughout a ride…is that what you are looking for?

I don’t know how any field or measurement can tell you how much you have left, etc. But if you have a target TSS for a workout (say from TR), then it is easy enough to see if you are on track

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I think TSS work too, I just could not find that option though.

Sounds like you’re asking for W’ ? As far as I know that’s not available on wahoo.

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Sounds like FRC / anaerobic capacity / Xert MPA. Third party apps on Garmin let you view that, I used Xert on an old 520 about 4 years ago. Does Wahoo support apps?

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In the Elemnt app, go to settings, then pages, then choose a screen you want it on [eg, workout, or lap], tap the + button in the bottom right of your screen, tap ‘power’ from the options, and then scroll down until you find TSS. tap it.

done. this is android; i don’t know if the iphone screens are different.


wow nice, I didn’t think it will be categorized here, thanks!

I don’t think Wahoo supports Xert yet, and yes I think MPA close to what I am looking for, but Mike has pointed out where to show TSS so that will help at this moment. thanks.

keep in mind TSS doesn’t show whats left in the tank. That said TSS is useful in some circumstances, for example if your coach gives a TSS/time targets for a loosely structured ride.

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That is true, but better than nothing for now!