How to ride a 24-hr TT... by someone who hasn't done it yet

I’ve been writing this blog as I get ready for my first 24-hr TT this summer (UK National Champs).

I’ve been on TrainerRoad since 2016 but only recently discovered this forum - what a great resource!

I’d love to know your thoughts and advice:

Part 1: Find Your Motivation

Part 2: “OK Dad, but why?”

Part 3: Set the right goal

Part 4: Break down the challenge

Part 5: You can only train as hard as you can recover

Part 6: Don’t just train, experiment

Part 7: Get the right coach - for you

Part 8: WTF you doing with lead weights on your helmet?!

Thanks, Nick


I presume this is Mersey Roads?

Have a think about your support team and what you’ll need from them. The best 24hr riders have very little stopped time and with their support team a slick system of handing up water and snacks for fuelling.

If you ride your 600km audax without sleep and minimal time stopped it’ll be good practice.


Yes, Mersey Roads 24. I have my family roped in to help me, and they have done a good job on the two 12 hours I have done in the past. I’m hoping to have no more than 30 mins of stopped time overall so, yes, we will have to keep it pretty slick!
Cheers, Nick

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Great to see yet another Venta rider active on here @nicktarmey :smiley::+1:t2: