How to mechanically set up Suito

I just picked up a Suito and confess total mechanical ignorance. I chose Suito because it is advertised as ready out of the box.
So, I am wondering if the bike frame is supposed to rest precisely on the skewer or on the small bolts that come in the package? My frame fits neatly on the skewer on the left side and on the bolt on the right side. Hence, the bike seems to list a bit to the left, as it is less secure on the right side.

I did oil the cassette but I notice that it seems to do better in one gear and the chain slips some in other gears.

Any suggestions for this novice?


Can you post pics for reference?

  • It is not usual to lube or oil a cassette. They should be dry and only pick up lube as spread by the chain.

  • Are you familiar with how to use the barrel adjuster to fine tune rear shifting? If not, you may want to learn. It is not uncommon to need. Slight adjustment when intalling the bike.

  • That said, I think you need to address your first alignment issue before looking at shifting. If the bike is crooked, it will definitely impact shifting, and not in a good way.

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Thanks so much. I played around with the nuts etc. and think I managed to get the frame to settle in to the skewer evenly. Bike much more stable, and as you anticipated, shifting much better, although one or two gears may slip.

What suggestion were you making specifically for adjusting the derailleur? Do I need special tools?


Good deal.

See the Indexing Adjustment section of this video:

Very helpful. Loosening the limit screws has put my chain into the smallest cog and shifting smoothly. Still getting a tiny bit Of Low level rumble in the upper reaches of the smaller cog as I shift up (all using the larger front ring.) Not sure if there is something that I should be tweaking that.

Appreciate your assistance!

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Good deal. :smiley:

Keep in mind, any change you make to improve shifting on the trainer will need to be reversed whenever you remove it and install the wheel. Keeping notes on your changes may be useful.

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Great idea!

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