How to get adaptive training to ignore workouts

Is there a way for a workout to be ignored by the Adaptive Training AI?

Occasionally my partner wants to use the trainer and while I’d like to save the ride, I don’t want the program to adapt my workouts to it. She’s not a cyclist and only does endurance workouts at 25% and may not even finish a workout.

Is it as simple as a survey response?


First, what you are describing (sharing a TR for workouts with another user) is essentially a violation of the TR Terms & Conditions, since TR is a single-user service.

Outside of that, there are no built-in functions for excluding workouts from the AT functions. There is a related feature request that is asking for the option to exclude them but related to a different use case.

I am tagging @IvyAudrain to review this and give you the fully official TR response as needed.


We don’t allow the sharing of accounts between multiple athletes. Thanks.


Just got me thinking , does TR offer a Family membership? Then that would solve this issue maybe?

  • The do not offer any group account options. Solo only.

There is an open enhancement request related to that:

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A family plan would work well in my situation.

I love TR and have used it for years but can’t justify another full subscription for my partner who would maybe use it once a week.

I’ve added my name to the feature request thread to try and add weight to this.

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