Beware the washing machine and bib shorts

I had a pair of fairly new bib shorts get caught in a gap (yellow arrows) between the two parts (sometimes called drum and agitator) in the bottom of my washing machine.

The straps were twisted up in the assembly and I had to watch “how to” videos on YouTube and get tools out to take the machine apart to untangle it.

The straps were totally shredded and I had to throw the shorts away.

My wife washes her delicates in a little laundry bag and I will be doing this with my bibs in the future.

I wanted to post this and hopefully save someone else’s bibs.


use a mesh bag for washing delicates. similar to this:


This is what I do too. Not just bibs, any clothes I care about!


Same here. Bought a pack of eight bags in different sizes off Amazon, every bib goes in its own bag. Even if the straps don’t get stuck in the washer itself, they get tangled and wrapped up in jerseys and base layers and get stretched out. Bags are cheap insurance.

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Me too! The bags also remind me not to put my bib in the dryer.

So sorry that your bib got damaged. :frowning:

Yes, mesh bags! All bibs and jerseys get one. I also have a larger clamshell one for things like gloves that have velcro. The velcro always seems to detach in the wash and makes a mess of any fabric it sticks to.

Thanks for pro tips :+1::pray:

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I see your using a top loader. We changed to a front loader a little while back, less water, and I still use a bag for bibs.

Front loading washers are the way to go…