How to Corner - Relating F1 to Bikes

I know it is a heavily discussed topic in the podcast and since I also have an interest in everything else with 2 and 4 wheels I think the following videos on cornering and braking in F1 translate very well to road racing especially crit racing. The videos cover the optimal racing line, bomb diving/late braking as well of some fundamentals of cornering.Hope you guys enjoy.

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I have a bit of a performance car background and I can tell you that while there are similarities when it comes to racing lines and drafting, there’s not many other parallels to draw. Things like trail braking and controlled over/understeer just don’t happen on the road, but some of these things can be applied to MTB where you can effectively slide around turns with a slight slip angle/skid.

Even if you watch Moto GP, those guys are basically in a slight oversteer/skid coming around corners, I can’t imagine this working on a road bike though. Part of that I think has to do with how skinny the contact patch is even on the largest road tires at lower pressures, there’s not a lot of room for finesse there so traction is usually either on or off, unlike a wider tire like an MTB/Motorcycle/Car