How to copy a workout?

I want to repeat some of my past workouts, but I can’t seem to find an option to add it to the calendar in iOS TR app. I can load a past workout and start it immediately, but I cannot schedule it. Am I missing something or there is no such option?

On the pc you just hover your mouse over the workout in the calendar and the option appears (a square on top of a square).

Yes, indeed, it is very easy to do in the browser.

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There’s a favourites star in the Android App (I’d think iOS will be the same) but on first search I can’t figure out how to schedule a favourited work out :exploding_head:

Edit: Got it you just click add a workout and then the favourites tab and starred workouts are copied to there.

The workout I want to schedule again is not because it’s my favorite. It’s because it was too hard and I was not able to finish it first time. :rofl: I would not mark it as a favorite. :rofl:

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