How should I mark failed workouts due to heat?

hey all, its getting to that time of year here in the south! I am failing workouts in my garage due to the heat and was wondering what would be the proper way to mark them? Currently if I fail a workout half way through, I redo a same lvl workout the next morning (30 min session) and pass it with no issues.

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Can you get out of the garage? Heat is the killer for indoor training performance. The best thing I ever did was move my training into a room with a portable air conditioner. Set it to 60F and never have a drip of sweat roll off of my head. You can buy a portable AC unit for like $200.

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Hey @Ghost_Dance,

This is a tricky one! The issue here is that you’re able to complete a certain level of workout in one environment but you’re not in another. Your FTP is essentially changing based on the temperature in your garage which can be hard to account for.

I’d say first things first, see if you can get a better cooling system for your setup. Using multiple fans will likely help quite a bit as well as keeping your bottles in the refrigerator prior to your workout. If you can swing it, @AJS914’s advice about an AC would obviously help too! :cold_face:

Additionally, if you can get your workouts in during a cooler part of the day, that would be ideal.

Lastly, if you’re going to do a workout that you know is going to be really difficult exclusively because of the heat, it might be worth using Workout Alternates to find a slightly easier version that you can actually complete in those conditions.

In terms of how to rate a failed workout, it’s hard to know for certain if the heat is 100% the cause of any one failure, but I’d recommend answering “Intensity” if that’s what you feel the cause was. The workout was simply too intense for the conditions. :hot_face:

If a majority of your work is being done in hot conditions over the summer, I’d expect and accept that your performance might dip a bit during those months. Everyone suffers in the heat, so you’re not alone!! :sweat_smile:


Not a fail, swapping workouts to match the environment.

Your body needs time to adapt to the heat, and easy spinning is how I would do it. At least 2 weeks in my experience, and longer to truly adapt.


@Ghost_Dance unless you have exactly this fan, your fan sucks. :slight_smile:


You can’t go by “CFM” ; they fudge the numbers. You just have to test them & feel both the volume, speed, and power of the wind they move.

Everyone who tries this fan is floored by the cooling power. And it is dirt cheap. Try it, if you hate it return it.

You will not be returning it. :wink:

Even w same temp & humidity, increasing the airflow increases cooling, massively. It should help.

[I gather AC is not a possibility?]

Model # SF-20-G, and nothing else. Good luck!!!

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You are so lucky. I’d be drenched with sweat at 60F. I need ~40F not to sweat excessively doing anything above light zone 2.

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Then you’d probably be dead trying to train in Ghost_Dance’s garage!


haha I have a 8 month old before that I had my trainer setup in the house and it was wonderful. I use to race on Zwift but quit because outdoors once it gets hot its impossible to compete in the higher categories.

Hi Eddie, I personally would like to see heat stress/cooling added as an option on the struggle survey. I had a couple of heat struggles doing workouts outdoors in spring & late autumn whilst visiting my parents who are 2000km closer to the equator. I think I marked them as “other” & on one I chucked a tanty in the description. :rofl:
It has crossed my mind too that part of the reason for reduced plan compliance during summer might be more than just the outdoor/group rides being more attractive than at other times; it might also be because of the heat affecting trainer sessions, but that would be up to other people to answer.
(Off-topic: whilst we’re on the subject of survey responses, if an unstructured outdoor ride imported from Strava is a race simulation then it makes sense that it’d be all-out.)


I’ll pass that along to the rest of the team!

This reminds me of another athlete I recently spoke to about how altitude was affecting their training. They were often jumping back and forth between two different locations that had significant differences in altitude which was regularly affecting their performance. :man_mountain_biking:

I wouldn’t say that this is common by any means, but it’s a valid issue to work around!

If you’re regularly struggling through workouts in the summer due to the heat, AT and AI FTP Detection should recognize this and adjust your FTP if necessary in order to bring your workouts down to an appropriate level for you. Ultimately, your fitness changes based on the conditions, and summer is long enough that adjusting your FTP could be worthwhile if it allows you to get through your workouts in one piece and stay motivated to train.

As far as race simulations go, if you’re really giving it your all, then yes, I’d say that those could be considered “All-Out” efforts. If you’re ever unsure don’t be afraid to double-check with our Post-Workout Surveys support doc. I’ve pasted in the All-Out description from there below.

“This ride was extremely difficult. It pushed me well beyond my abilities and took a massive amount of energy and focus to complete. You’ll feel like you barely made it to the end of this ride, and that you had to pull out every mental trick in the book to finish.”

:point_up: If this is how the effort felt, I’d say it was All-Out! :upside_down_face:

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I don’t know how this is used to train the AI model or change results etc. But I could do the same workout inside and pass it. It is not that it feels like an all-out effort, the heat just makes me feel drained, I will be nowhere near max heart rate and my legs won’t exactly have a burn that makes me want to stop. I personally just feel drained to the where I’m personally like “nope”. What I normally do is if I fail half way, I do a similar 30 min workout the next day to get the points to pass.

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I feel your struggle, this time of year even outside is hot for harder efforts. 85° @80% humidity at 7:30- 8am :disappointed_relieved: the garage is 75-80° at 7 am.
If you found doing short workouts helps, why not add endurance to keep your volume up?
Or choose an easier alternative with more breaks for the same duration?
That’s what I’m finding works, shorter intervals for threshold/ SS with more breaks. It’s not ideal but it is what it is and everyone is suffering the same.
I use a lasko fan inside that is right by my body, if riding inside. Then i have a big fan that moves air around, it works as well as I need to get a workout done.


+1. Even if the adaptive training response on the back end is the same as “too intense” Id like to be able to mark workouts failed in heat


Noted! I’ve had a discussion about this with some of the engineers, and I’ll make sure to let them know that there are multiple athletes looking for this as an option.

Thanks for your feedback on this everyone! We appreciate you! Stay cool out there! :ice_cube: