How quickly can I get in race shape?

on that, have a look on at your ramp rate. I find that a good indicator of managing overreaching.

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I will have to take a look at

I am 100% on a rest week this week. Its still funny to see my CTL at 34, most people I know this time of the year are around 100

I know how you feel, I’ve been stuck at under 60 for over a year due to recurrent knee injuries, which was initially caused by having a long break from a different injury, and then coming back too soon!

I always like the analogy of training as filling up a tank. training to increase fitness you’ve never had before, is like filling up the tank and trying to make the tank bigger, i.e lots of pressure required, pressure being training. however after a long break, the tank empties, and maybe shrinks, albeit slowly, refilling the tank it is the easy bit, and doesn’t take must pressure or training.

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Rest week hard ride. I did a hard ride with friends last night, I know its a rest week but I still wanted to do something.

Managed to do 10w more then last week on my avg power and my NP.

I cant wait to finish out this rest week and get back on the intervals.

Nice thread, good to hear regular updates. I buggered my knee in a crash c3 weeks ago, i feel like it’s another 1 or 2 before i can start ramping things up again - and then i go on holiday. Proper cycling for me will have to start again in mid-June by which time i’m hoping back to full strength

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Rest week is complete. I wanted to do my ftp test today, but it hasnt been enough days since my last test. Ill just do my wed work out and take my ftp ai test on wed when I have a hard ride.

Rested and ready to grow.


Well yesterday didnt go as planned. So I got after it today.

My AI ftp test gave me a 5% bump. I felt like that was a low number but what do I know. So I did my 7.3 VO2 work out. The first 2 blocks of intervals were not to bad, but the last one hurt a little. I rated it as moderate. Lets see how I go tomorrow night. Looks like Ill end up with 4 hard rides this week. Building up for a race on the 2nd week of June. Hoping to add some good tss in the coming weeks and back off a little on race week.

I am still down 12-15% on where I was last year at this time.

Another wed night and another 1.1 IF event. I managed to bump my NP by 10w and my AP by 5w. This was after a vo2 work out on tuesday.

This weeks block of training brings up the question, do I train friday and come into sunday pretty depleted. Or do I say, I have nailed 2 hard days, lets just do z2 work and work on being fresh for sunday.