How much have you spent on bikes in the past 3 years?

I’m not either. I don’t know maybe it wasn’t the right bike for me. It was a Cervelo Aspero. I always wanted a Topstone but was talked into the Aspero by the shop I used to work at.

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I voted and then completely forgot about my TT bike and the smart trainer it sits on… I might have a problem.

Thankfully not much besides my Tarmac Comp with Di2 and Enves to pair with it which I love every time I ride it. Just sold my 4 year old Trek Emonda 105 for $200 less than I bought it for and that was to pros closet. Crazy times.

If you count indoor trainer stuff then it adds to it just a smidge :blush:. But this is my only hobby.

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First step I admitting you have a problem. I bought carbon wheels for the gravel bike and a MTB last year, so I ain’t judging.

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If the window was 5 years instead of 3, I would be in trouble. I bought 2 bikes 4 years ago. Since then, it’s been a trainer and supplies.

My wife and kids and I also have a tennis hobby which costs about 8-10k per year. So biking isn’t that bad really.

Ooof, smarts a bit to look at the numbers all at once but I’d happily do it all again. And probably will :laughing:

I’m buying new bikes at some random round power/weight numbers:

  • structured training starting point (at 2.9W/kg) - gravel bike (Diverge, still using as winter bike)
  • 3.5W/kg - endurance bike (Roubaix, current)
  • 4.5W/kg - aero bike (planning Tarmac SL7, hopefully at autumn or next spring)

So yeah, as usual comparison goes, roughly same price as new mid-level car :slight_smile: