How much and how fast to run as a cyclist?

JD has easy pace as 8:50 to 9:55 min/mi for someone with a 22:15 5km

9:32 - 10:41 min/mi for 24:08 5km
I started back a year ago last November and just ran 20 - 30 minutes around the 9:30 - 10:15 pace 3 times a week, took a few sessions to learn to run that slow.

Ugh, that basically lines up with what I was doing…

I primarily run through first half of the year with a target ultra 100 race in June and then transition to more time on the bike. Right now I just get three TR sessions per week but run six days.

However, throughout the year I never run less than 30 miles a week. Even when hitting my target bike miles of 180 miles per week.

don’t do it, trust me. If you do need to do it, google couch to 5k.

Aye, couch to 5k is working very well for me as a non-running cyclist. It eases you in at a very gentle page.