How many kits do you own? Am I the only one who feels K+1?

After almost pulling the trigger on yet another new kit today (Cyber Monday, anyone?) it dawned on me that I may have a problem. I probably own 12 matching kits with a few straggler bib shorts and jerseys, but half of those do not see any use (unhappy with the fit or size). Even though I have PLENTY of options to tide me over between laundry days, I find myself regularly lusting after new kits.

This got me thinking about the greater TR population - how many kits do you own that you would actually use if it were your only clean pair? If you comment, feel free to include how long you’ve been cycling!

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I have 19 kits between road kits, skinsuits, and mountain bike kits and I’ve been into cycling for 6 or 7 years :+1:

One of them I bought and the rest are from various teams I’ve raced for.


3 Rapha Kits
1 Club kit and skin suit/crit suit (verge)
2 verge kits (one I have designated my fat man kit or MTB)

I’ve been cycling for a number of years but recently, 5 years, though this kit is all only 2 years old
but if you ask me about socks… well that’s a different story :wink:


23 bib shorts and 5 baggies…

But like…I’m a professional…sorta…

I have so many because we bulk buy TR branded kits but I don’t want to wear those out so I have another set of unbranded kits just for trainer riding. Then there’s cold weather kits and aero kits.

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14 kits. 12 new in 2018. 7 I purchased 7 and 7 were given to me. Riding in some capacity since 1984 but, after career established pretty dedicated/consistent since 2002.

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Ha I’ve been riding off and on (more on) for 17 years and I don’t even own a jersey. T shirt all day and just a few pairs of cycling shorts. I should say I recently order a “kit” but still waiting for it. I can say, not having one probably made me faster.

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Gotta rep the TR!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hear you though… I don’t like wearing my team jersey on solo training rides.

Not too many full kits. A handful really. Tend to go black bibs/ tights and random jerseys - usually Late 80’s and 90’s retro jerseys (latest additions are a Mercatone Uno and Festina watches - I like them with a whiff of epo).


Can never have enough! I find myself buying one very expensive set of bibs every year and those end up being my big event bigs. So needless to say the chamois is usually worn out by end of the season. I also try to retire any bibs that are worn as I find thats what causes saddle sores for me.

Not so much kits as a motley collection of apparel which I mix and max. I save the older stuff for when I’m just doing shortish easy rides. Problem is I can’t seem to resist the Rapha sales. In fact I’ve stopped their emails to me.


12 and my second pair of thermal bib tights is arriving soon.

Ha, I’ve got a Festina kit too lol. And Postal and Gewiss. Love the sideways looks.

All of my other kit though is just black Assos. I think I have 6 bibs and 2 tights.


You and me both man

Like handbags and shoes its WANT not NEED that I consider when buying new kit!! Fortunately my other half also cycles so seeks to understand this…about kit not handbags or shoes!!

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Four sets of coordinated Fibr Kits, one Chapter III set and a pair of black Rapha knicks that go with the other half-dozen or so jerseys I have. A couple of sets of tights, but I live in Sydney so we don’t really have winter!

By Kit, do you mean Bibs and the top or just the top? Sorry, I am not best at cycling lingo.

6 since I threw out the crappy quality bits, that’s cycling bib/jersey and trisuits.

Really I only need three since I realised a rinse in the shower after a session and a weekly wash is all they need; one summer, one winter, one race.