How do you remove 3m super 77 adhesive residue

I think this was covered but I can’t find the post so appreciate the help, Raced CX this am and used 3m Super 77 to “pin” my number instead of actual pins. Worked great but not sure how to get the residue off. Any suggestions?

goo gone spray


@hubcyclist answered before I could, but Goo Gone (or any type of orange oil product) works best here. You might be better off with full strength Goo Gone (non-diluted) in lieu of the spray (which is diluted). I’m a bit confused on where this residue is (on a shirt, on your bike, etc?). If it’s on your bike, you might want to try a diluted product first before you go full strength to ensure there is no damage to the paint. If your bike has a matte-finish paint, then wipe gently to avoid “shiners”.

And, last of all, do not confuse Goo Gone with Goof Off. People often confuse those two, but they are completely different products, and the latter will rip the finish right off of your bike.


Residue is on the jersey. Thanks.

My wife calls it Goo B’ Gone. I think it has a nice ring to it.

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In that case, full strength Goo Gone, Goo Gone Spray, Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser spray (similar to Goo Gone), OxiClean spray, Shout spray, or any combination thereof should do the trick. I’d start with Goo Gone or some other type of citrus degreaser. You can also try acetone (i.e., nail polish remover), but test it in an inconspicuous area first, since it can permanently damage some synthetic fibers, which are common in cycling clothing.

(It may be disturbing to some that I know all of this, but I’m a clean freak and HATE stains on clothing–it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I can almost always get stains out unless it’s paint or permanent ink. I also have two young children, so I get a lot of practice removing stains and other nuisances from clothing. :slight_smile:)

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Thank you!! I picked up a small bottle of spray goo gone and it was super easy and effective. Appreciate the help.

Anytime I have left over residue it usually comes out in the wash. There might be a little left on my jersey after washing it but it will all be gone after it goes through the wash a second time. Goo B Gone scares me because I’ve seen that stuff eat through vinyl. With all of the synthetic materials used in sports garments I would be afraid of it eating through a jersey, but there’s enough guys here using it that it must be OK.

Hey , i need small suggestion from you guys. I am going to purchase a spray adhesive and getting confused between two options named.
Bostik SuperTak Foam and Fabric
3M’s Hi-strength 90 Spray Adhesive

I got these two recommendation from this article:

I think to purchase 3M one but got to know that it has poor quality spray nozzle and unsatisfactory adhesive material.
Is their any good option in budget ?
Now need your help

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