Tips for getting chain grime off the sofa

would appreciate any tips. Shit happens unfortunately :innocent:

No idea what the fabric is, it’s this one from sofacompany

Have you tried dabbing it with a cloth with degreaser? Or is the stain too big? I also had success rubbing fabric with a paste of laundry detergent and bicarb, though that was a jersey and I washed it afterwards.

Dish soap! But try it out first on a part of the fabric that isn’t visible, just in case…

Definitely baby wipes. Works great on getting bike and frame sparkly as well.

If you’re married …

  1. call a lawyer
  2. use Silca gear wipes … amazing at getting chain grease out

If not married, skip step #1 :joy:


New sofa time.

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Maybe a new bike too, with a fresh clean chain


Some sort of solvent that will not harm the material. Things like hand cleaners might work.
Get the spot wet with solvent. Do not rub. Dab it. Then suck it out with a vacuum.

I’ve gotten chain grime out of carpet with citrus degreaser, use wax now so don’t have that issue.

Spray paint that matches the upholstery color.


Waxed chain

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And don’t ride it on the sofa in future.


Sometimes you just need a cuddle

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Could try Folex carpet cleaner… but try it on a spot that isn’t visible first.

That’s why I wear leopard print.

Superman wears em on the outside. Smart.