How do you get better at 125% intervals?

I thought I suck at VO2Max workouts, and while I’m definitely not great, I think I found out I particularly suck when it goes beyond 120%. Historically it looks like, while struggling, I am always able to complete 120% intervals. When the % raises past 120%, however, I rarely am able to complete them by the book: in three years of TrainerRoad, Bashful workouts and the like always get me. So my question is… how do you get better at those? Just keep doing them or… ?

A wise man once said, “To get better at something… you have to do it”. I also suck at these workouts and are a limiter for me. So, I try to throw in these shorter efforts (once every 2-3 weeks) in the base phase. Strength training can be great for these types of athletes (which will benefit you a ton with muscular endurance style intervals too.) Adaptive training will work wonders for you here.

VO2 max is not power number or % of FTP. Use the highest repeatable power and pay attention to your HR.