SS stronger than VO2

Just like to compare to see if i am as week at V02 as i think. Ive just done 2x 30mins interval at 90% ftp but cant do 6x 3min intervals at 120% ftp but did manage it at 117%ftp which i was happy enough with. Not sure if im strong on SS or weak at Vo2???

Sounds like you’re doing alright to me, :saxophone:

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the funny thing is there are huge differences between people when working above FTP. Some can do 6x3-min at 108%, some at 112%, some at 117%, some at 120%, some at 130%, etc. If you read the workout description, Coach Chad tells you to find repeatable power. Do that and don’t worry your % is not 120%.

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Cheers. The way i done the vo2 workout was 115%…117%…115%…117…115% and 120% for my last interval just!!!

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Takes a tough mind to find repeatable power, because you should barely finish each of the 3-min intervals. I’ve struggled with that because I can only do a few 3-min intervals at 120%.

Yeah but I feel if I just manage to finish the 1st interval then there is little or no chance of completing them all at 120% therefore I think it is important to know your body and maybe finish the other intervals at day 117% instead of burying yourself and failing, well mentally it feels a lot better anyway!

hear ya! But there is an offline version for example lets look at Goals section of Mills

here is what Coach Chad wrote:

The specific objective here is repeatable power output such that you finish each interval… barely.

This might require some trial and error and it’s likely to change as your fitness improves as you may be able to sustain power longer, you may be able to increase your power, you may be able to repeat efforts with less rest.

Adjust the Workout Intensity as you see fit, but make each one of these mean something, make the closing 30-60 seconds a true act of will, every time.

hope that helps!