How do I know my Threshold Heart Rate Value?

Years ago, I received some Trainingpeaks emails saying about my Threshold Heart Rate Value improvement. Usually was just after a mtb race.
And I would like to know if there is an estimated method, workout… to figure it out. All my indoor trainings are with Trainerroad and watts, and all my outdoor rides are with no power datas.
So if Trainingpeaks can know your estimated Threshold heart rate value, why couldn’t Trainerroad?

All of this is because I would like to know it for my outdoors rides, to know what is my higher heart rate pace and stick it out.

The one test I’ve seen from Joe Friel is a 30 min time trial and then you take your avg HR from the last 20min.

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I use since a year ago or so. It advises me everytime I have a power improvement, but didn’t get an email about thresold heart rate improvement… maybe because I haven’t improved?? It’s weird for me because I have improved my fitness a looooot since a heart rate improve Trainingpeaks email 4 years ago emails me when it thinks my threshold heart rate has gone up (which I would not call an improvement, heh).

Yes, I have tought about it yesterday… If I have less heart rates with same efforts than years ago (as it’s supposed to be after several years of improving with training plans) it means that I have to do much more effort to get into that former heart rates…

TR used to report LTHR on completion of an FTP assessment. It was stopped, I can’t remember why.

I look at races where I was at max effort for around one hour. I can guess my LTHR from that. Crit races and 10ks runs are good enough markers. The thing to bear in mind is that it’s only an estimate and that your HR on a given day may be higher or lower for various reasons.

I’ve pegged my cycling LTHR to be around 162. If I’m in that ballpark I use RPE to further refine my effort level. e.g., how does a few more watts feel? Sustainable or unsustainable? How’s my breathing doing?