Dumb threshold HR question

I think this question will illustrate the challenges of using HR, it leads to a lot of overanalyzing! So I’ve been under the impression that my threshold HR was about 164 and that I start to blow up after 170. Today I did Lamarck and my average HR per interval was 167 (max 172), 169 (max 175), 169 (max 174), 168 (max 173), with my HR settled at around 172 for the efforts. So I guess that’s my threshold HR? I try not to look at HR on a very individual workout basis for obvious reasons, but I’ve had some pretty top end workouts with HR in the lower 160s. Like I said, it’s a weird thing to overthink, just gotta turn out the power!

The fact that your HR was settling and quite consistent across the intervals is a good sign. There are a lot of people doing sweet spot / threshold intervals where their HR does not level off and continues to rise. This typically is indicative of an FTP set too high. You should level off and while you may creep in the average across the progressive intervals, it should be pretty consistent and levelling for efforts over 5mins.

Perhaps 172 is your threshold HR. Nice work on Lamarck. :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use HR and throw around the word threshold then do a test which tests lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR). To test warm up then go all out for 30 minutes and take the average HR of the last 20 minutes. That’s an approximation of LTHR.

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According to training peaks: my LTHR is 184. I never get to that 184 number in the TrainerRoad stuff. Usually hovering around 177-180.

First of all, great workout w/ Lamarck.

Second, it’s interesting to note (another TR user showed me this), if you go back to your last ramp test & take the average heart rate of the first 1 minute step above the horizontal white line that is your new FTP from that ramp test…it’s about your threshold HR.

I find this is true to w/in a couple of beats vs Garmin & TrainingPeaks. YMMV.