How do I correct my birthday?

I’ve asked this question before. The response was “There’s an option under Preferences and Profile for your date of birth”. Ok, where is the Preferences option? I see Profile. But, nothing to do with birthdate.

For clarity, are you wanting to change in your TrainerRoad account profile, or the TrainerRoad Forum?

Account profile. It is used to determine my FTP, so I need to correct it. Thanks.

Age is not used to determine FTP. I’m not sure where you got that idea?

Edit: After searching, I see no location to enter birth date in the regular TR Account. I am not sure that is stored anywhere in your main TR Account. There is a place for that in the TR Forum.

@dcjamesii is correct that we ask for birthdate during initial onboarding (on the website) to estimate a basic starting FTP using age/training frequency. There isn’t anywhere to change that after the fact (as Chad said, it’s not in the Profile section) but this is because we don’t store or use that piece of data for anything else moving forward.

Upon initial onboarding, we give you the option of inputting your own (known) FTP or using our estimation tool to give you a ballpark idea of where to start your training and how to set up the workouts so they’re not too hard off the bat. That’s the only reason we ask for a birth date, and once you’ve done any FTP tests, you’ll never need that estimated figure again. I hope this helps clear things up!

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Ok, I won’t worry about it then. Thanks.

I have a similar problem. A wrong birthday is showing up in my TrainerRoad Software. I’m able to correct this in the software. But when I close and restart TrainerRoad, it will show the old (wrong) information again.

I experienced the same birthday-off-by-one-day bug in the new desktop app

@tofel @CarstenBuchmann

Based on what you’ve told me, your birthday is correctly set in the TR website, is that right? It just does not line up in the app itself?

If that is the case, would you mind sharing your time zone with us? I suspect that is the root of the issue.

The good news here is that your birthday is not used for anything except estimating your starting FTP, and since you are both past that stage, having an incorrect birthday will not affect your training in any way. We want to sort this out nonetheless, and I look forward to digging into this issue with you :+1:

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Thx for the reply. Is there still a possibility to change the birthday in the account informations? Wasn’t able to finde the option anymore.

I think your idea - managing the right timezone - may be correct. My timezone is UTC +1:00. I just tried to put in my birthday by using the date +1. After restarting TrainerRoad the correct value is accepted.

I’m working as a IT professional - so it was more interesting for me what your datebase is doing than stopping my workout behaviour :wink:

Climb back into your mothers womb and wait to come back out on the date you wish!

Easy solution!


You can change your birthdate settings here if you wish

My birthday was correctly set on the website, it appeared to be off by one day in the app, so I corrected it there, time zone is Central European Summer Time, so UTC+2 right now. Thank you, @Bryce

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Thats where the error occurs… I was talking about, where to do it on the Website.

Oh I see. You’re absolutely right, it looks like we removed it from the website since it doesn’t really play any role in your training. I’ll mention this to the Design team since we try to keep things as consistent as possible between the app and web.

Update: Chatted with the Design guys and the Account side of the website is in the process of a re-design, so we hope to bring things into parity with the app in the future.