How did you start competing? Anyone in italy with suggestion?

How did you start competing? i mean from the beaurocratic point of view.
Are you part of a club?
I’m living in Italy. Here, it looks like you must be part of club to take part to a race.
Are you registered to the UCI?
Anyone started at 27 y.o.?
Thank you

For amateur racing in Italy you need to have membership of one of the many institutions (ACSI, FCI, etc.)

You can enter Granfondos (the most competitive kind of racing here) without a membership and a team by paying a daily membership fee (around 10€)

A team/club helps because they do the whole membership thing for you. With FCI membership you should be able to partecipate in any kind of race.

You can kind of build a calendar by combining these two website for crits and for granfondos.

This is about amateur, for uci racing you need to find a contract on a continental team… the level is very high here.

my fault, I didn’t mean anything professional
Do you compete?

I do! Where are you living now?

Living in Milan. Training very often also in Florence (holidays, weekend and now).

Where do you compete? Have you got any suggestion for a beginner like me?

Most races are canceled at the moment, you can check out other local races here:

Best way to start as a beginner are granfondos.
There are plenty in Lombardia which are easily reachable from Milan (i’m more or less in the same area).

For example, you can start from this one in october: