How deep is too deep

I was getting some unbranded 45mm carbon rims built on to my existing hubs for ~£550 by my trusted lbs.

He’s been having issues with customs (yay Brexit /s) so those rims are now missing, along with another few wheel set, so has just called with options.

  • Return deposit and we fix my alloy rear wheel
  • Price up Parcenti rims probably between 7 to 8 hundred
  • Spend a decent chunk for 60mm Campag Bora wto he’s had in stock for a while

Now my heart says Campag as Italian wheels on Italian bike will look f**king dope. But I’ve never ridden deep wheels and worried about the wind and things like that. I will still have my 33mm alloy front if I want to take her out in the wind, plus I do have gravel bike if it’s terrible.

Any advice?

A lot of it is in the rim shape. My front Hadron 625 (62.5mm) is on my TT bike now but they done a lot of miles on my road bike before I got into TT’ing and their more curved rim (I forget their name for it) seemed to handle better than a 25mm rim on my road bike.

U shaped rims in general handle crosswinds better than V shaped rims.

For your questions, how windy is your area? What type of riding do you do? Do you expect a lot of long mountain descending where high crosswind activity can be terrifying? Finally how heavy are you?

I went from V shaped 88 to U shaped 88mm wheels on my tri bike and can confirm, U shaped superior.

I have no issues with the 88s on that bike (cover on rear all the time). One race I did end up rending something tamer but there was some insane gusts forcast that had it not been a race I would never have normally ridden in.

60mm on my crocket, but it seems most of its use in protected wooded areas so gusts never an issue. Fine the few times I’ve ridden it on the road.

note I am 200+lbs

Just get the Campys, you won’t regret it. I have 45 mm, 60 mm, and 62/82 mm on my various bikes. I’ve never felt unstable on the 60s in wind; if I had to have one set of wheels, I’d go with the 50-60 range. It’ll feel weird for a couple of rides coming from 33 alloys, but you’ll get used to it fast.

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I’m 67/68kg at 170cm (on a good day). Mostly around Devon which although lots of hills are short sharp ones.

You’ll have no problem; I’m circa 62kg (175cm) and I’m cycling mainly in Cambridgeshire/ Fenland/ Huntingdonshire (flat), Northamptonshire (undulating) and Rutland (short/sharp) which can be very exposed to the wind and I’d have no qualms about using my 62.5mm (U-Shaped) rims on the road bike before I moved them to the TT bike. FWIW my current rims are 50mm deep Scribe. Go for the Bora’s and enjoy :+1:

Just do it. 60mm wheels looks so dope. You will want to ride your bike more because it’ll look so good.

Get them, ever since I got 50/60 deep wheels I’m never going back to shallower ones. Our cycle track is just beside the ocean so the cross winds are very strong here but they are fine as long as they are recent design (U-shape). Look good, feel good, ride more!

Ride rim brake WTO 60 Bora’s in the Lake District without issues. Also used them for 600km Audax on the North Coast 500. My race weight is 62-65Kg and wouldn’t shy away from them.

Your mileage may vary :+1:

Just be aware that they can be hit by crosswinds. Keep control of the bike. I was hit by a stiff crosswind on my deep wheels and was surprised how much of an effect it had, and could see someone losing control and crashing, but I would think/hope most riders would be able to survive that effect.

Get them! Ride on!

I’m really leaning towards being stupid so I have knocked up a pro/con list and could do with rubber ducks :duck: to bounce the options up. Tbh, it’s either spend the grand or get my alloy wheel some new not snapped spokes. The middle ground from the wheel builder was too close to Bora so it’s go big or go home.

Pro Con
Lighter ~200g £1k
30mm deeper over current Deeper than originally planned (40mm)
Extend life of Bianchi Rim brake outdated
Speed Braking
Look dope Need tubes/pads
They’re Campag Bora! Wind?

Ive actually been impressed with my Carbon Rim braking; I think the technology moved on there substantially before disc’s became a thing,