Hoping to borrow a trainer for Sydney hotel quarantine

Hi everyone!

I will be locked in a hotel room for 2 weeks with my two little kids and husband when we return to Australia after living and working overseas for the past year.

I am hoping that that the hotel will let me have a trainer in our room so that I can stay sane each day. I am an avid TR user, and while it would be great to keep up with my plan, it’s more so I have an physical outlet as I’m generally a person that has trouble staying still for any period of time.

If anyone has a spare trainer (preferably a smart trainer as I won’t have a power meter with me) that they could lend me from around 17 August for 2 weeks I would be so appreciative. I live in the ACT and not sure if I could arrange to have mine posted to me at such short notice.

I won’t know which hotel we will be in, and whether they will accept deliveries until we arrive, so at this stage I just thought I’d see if anyone has anything that might work - and will work out details once we arrive.

Thanks in advance!

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