Hood Reference lines on handlebars seem very low

I was installing Zipp service course xplr handlebars. I have sram rival 1 mechanical shifters. The reference lines seem almost useless. They’re so low on the front of the bars that if I actually position my hoods there my wrists would have to be rolled forward or the bars would need to be titled up so much the the drops would be at a steep angle.

It just seems so odd to me. Is this something to do with the rival hood attachment point or just the lines on the handlebars are way off? Unfortunately I don’t have a picture

Can you post a picture?

I’ve already finished install and taped everything up. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of my setup. But setup is reasonably normal. I usually get drops so there’s just a slight upward angle. Then position hoods with a very slight upward angle where my hands sit on the hoods

This is a photo from the website. Basically unless I aligned anywhere but that top line the hoods would have been in a weird position

Align what? The top of the shifter? Try aligning by the bottom of the clamp and the marks are very helpful.


No. The clamp. If the clamp aligns with anything but the top line the hoods would be in an odd position