Aerofly II handlebar alignment

Hi all

I’m having problems with this handlebar on my venge. I’m having numbness and nerve pain in my hands on rides longer than 1.5h…

I’m trying to get best alignment but still didn’t find comfortable solution.

Someone says that I have to align handlebar to be full horizontal (iphone level tool show 0deg when I put it on tops) and then pull shifters full up (mark 15 or even more -right bellow shifter) I tried that but that gives me strange feeling…

Currenlty I have -10deg and shifters are right above 20 mark.

Problem is “bump” on curvy part of the tops right in front of the hoods, I just feel it on my palm… and second problem is in the drops, I also have strange feeling there (on the same part of the palm)

I just hate that microadjuster in me…

Do you have photos of what it looks like?

Just visually, if that was my setup, I know that I would rotate the bars back and move the shifters up a few MM.

My goal is always to have the flattest transition possible between the bar and the hoods. Where you currently have the shifter creates a bit of an angle in the transition.

That doesn’t mean my preference is “right”, but what I know works for me. I can tell just from looking at your setup that I would feel like I am “falling forward” with my hands on the hoods.


It’s definitely pretty individual here - make some larger adjustments in both directions and then work your way back from them. You might find you like something you’ve never tried before…

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Ditto. One tactic I frequently employ in fits is to “over-adjust” to a limit in each direction. See if one extreme or the other seems like a better direction, and then step back towards the middle.

Baby steps are good, but sometimes are small enough to go unnoticed, so larger ones can be helpful to learn what the limits offer.

Additionally, no matter where you land for positioning, take extra time on the bar wrap to get a smooth transition. Sometimes the Figure-8 can lead to excess material and using the other method with the cheater strip can be preferred.


Here is a photo of how mine are setup :slight_smile: I like to have them a bit further up, and like you can see the bars are not completely flat, but almost… Also doesn’t seem to have that bump that you have. LBS have set it up for me though…

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The bars are not setup as intended by the manufacture in this photo, the proper way to set them up (rather this helps your comfort or not);

  1. Remove Bar Tape so you have access to the raw bar

  2. Find the level section/flat section on the drops (see image below)

  3. Once you have found that section using an accurate level and on a level floor, position the bars so the drops are level or within reason.

  4. Adjust hood levers on the ramps so they are comfortable to you


Just for the record, when I was dialing in my optimal hood position I rode without bar tape for a little while. I hope this helps with your journey as hand numbness sucks, keep in mind that you also may be too low also causing too much pressure.


Top tip, right there. Ride w/o tape for at least a ride and adjust as necessary. Makes it a lot easier to adjust mid-ride or after the ride. Once you feel reasonably certain you have the shifters in the “right” position, tape the bars.