New to SRAM..bump in hood/bartape due to hydro hose. How to handle?

So I just built up my Cutthroat with a SRAM Force AXS mullet (GX AXS derailleur and X01 cassette out back). I’ve only been on the trainer with it so far. I find the hoods to be super comfortable, but there seems to be a hump under the hood where your palm would rest due to the positioning of the hydro hoses.

This hasn’t bothered me on the trainer but I wonder if it would after longer rides. Is this something you get used to? Should I build up the bar tape there a bit? Any other tips?


Can you flip up the hood so we can have a look? Is your shifter tilted inward a lot?
I don’t think there’s anything there; it might just be your angle/bars interacting with the shifter shape. Try putting the shifter lower and angling the bars up if it suits you. You’d want something more dense than tape if you’ve got weight there, try cutting up a shoe insole. I did this with some FSA bars with a dip that was tearing up my hands.

that bump should be on the inside. is that a UK bike? Did they use a right on the left side?

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Sorry about the mess in the pics :rofl::rofl:

I’m in the US and bought the shifters from Mike’s Bikes. They are at an angle because I have Enve Gravel bars with some flare.

It looks like it should be flat with the tape off…that’s why I’m confused. I did a figure 8 type wrap. Not sure if that matters?

ride more worry less

No, you’re working against the bar shape. SRAMs are petty good about letting you get unconventional with the position. You might play with it to see what the shifter/bar wants, then work to see what you like. The bar wants the shifter tilted, but lever still pointing straight ahead.
here’s a SRAM AXS w/o the bump with that bar

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Cool thanks!! I’ll play around with it a bit. I’m glad Salsa bar tape doesnt leave goo when rewrapping!!

I didn’t touch the bar position from where I had it with my prior Shimano shifters. With both the Shimano and Sram shifters, I angled the hoods to match the sweep.

I appreciate the help!

Also, it could the the angle, but my hose connection looks to me more on top compared the the picture you showed. Your picture also doesn’t have the slots right to the left of the hose connection?

Maybe they changed the build a bit, or my eyes aren’t working :nerd_face::rofl:

I do worry about potential hand discomfort so I can ride more :man_biking::+1::smile:

The carbon gravel bars are really a hassle with the shifter position. They all a really tight radius right there, making it difficult to get the shifter to clamp right and it lets the shifter move around. The shifter can also sit weird (as you see). I had the FSA bars before and now have the 3t Aeroghiaia ones now, and the 3ts are very particular there as far as tilt and rotation. You might want to move the shifter up just a bit, but that means a completely different lay for the shifter.

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Thanks again! :sunglasses:

It looks like SRAM has that connection as part of the ergo design, They actually integrated it to the feel, which is clever! Yeah, it looks like if you tilt down a touch, you’ll get a better palm ergo.

Blockquote I do worry about potential hand discomfort so I can ride more :man_biking::+1::smile:

Comfort first. Wrists are a weird design aren’t they? Get that elbow rotation and wrist rotation right so you don’t break yourself. :slight_smile:

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