Holiday travel stinks

Just allow me to vent lol travel for family stuff already gets my fitness ocd worked up, the silver lining is I generally go to a nearby gym with stages spin bikes. This year I tried doing hunter which should be a really doable sweet spot given what my fitness was, but the gym was hot and the rpe was really high. On Saturday I come down with a fever and fatigue, get prescribed tamiflu (flu test was negative but urgent care believed it could be a false negative), am better now but haven’t been to the gym. Was supposed to be back home today in the early evening and thought I’d get in something but due to flight delays we had to totally rework our route and won’t be home until midnight. I’ll be going back to beginning of ssb2 hv (a week backwards) so it’s fine and I’ll own my irrational ocd.

Anyhow, feel free to make this topic a safe space for fellow holiday travel haters who would rather stay home with their routine!

10 days in a foreign country where the gyms are only open from 7am until 7pm or 9pm depending on how they feel. Why they can’t be open 24 hrs with a key card is beyond me. We are on a tour that starts at 7:45am every morning and gets back around 5pm.

I’m going to run up and down a sidewalk a gazillion times early in the morning I deem safe. No worse than running on a treadmill I suppose.

I’m training for an ultramarathon (my first) so my ocd is going crazy.

Back when I ran I just took shoes, shorts and a shirt with me and I could run everywhere (Like Vegas early morning before breakfast… what a blast). Now I would need to rent a bike and a helmet somehow… (and rent a car to get to the bike rental place) but with full days there is no time for riding… I think I’ll just pick up running again during my next trip.