Hill climb Time Trials modification hacks for a light bike

Hello. Trying to plan ahead. Last year I simply removed my bar tape, bar ends and water cages for Hill climb season. I am aiming ti be the lightest and most powerful version of myself for next season… but am also keen to get ideas for upgrading my bike to make it lighter. I have a giant TCR advanced with a 105 group set with handbuilt alloy clincher wheels which weigh 1.5kg for the set. My problem is that my bike is not heavy, but not super light, so any upgrades may give quite marginal gains for a lot of cost. I am looking for cheap hacks/ second hand options / easy options for weight loss on my bike, for what is a short season and will involve converting my bike bike to ‘road mode’ at the end of the season. Would particularly welcome advice on specific components manufactures/products so I can search ebay etc

Go for a single front ring setup, also look at something like a Zuus carbon saddle (£30 for 95g).

Continental inner tubes do a version that weigh 50g each (cost about £8). Pair those with lighter tyres like Velo flex records.

Light skewers, Planet X 44g for a pair £25.

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Remove your handlebar tape: -100g

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Thanks so much - thats what I needed - named products and nice prices.

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Si Richardson on GCN recently did a similar hill climb video. Included waxing his chain and swapping out his jockey wheels. Could be costly I can’t quite remember, but he made good progress on his previous times

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Chopping part of your drops off could be an extreme thing. 1x set up of course.

Phil Gaimon goes so extreme on hill climbs he needs to add wait to comply to the rules.
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Lose some body weight. :+1:

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Depends on how much you’re willing to spend, but maybe consider looking for a Red 10 mechanical group set on eBay. Super light and fairly cheap now.

Hunt wheelset is sub 1kg and tubular only. As ridden by this years UK hill climb champion and also Dan Evans who won over in Taiwan.

I will certainly try…

Would love to… but out of my budget range. They do look lovely.

I’ll take a look - thanks

Get some drillium components.

Or chop off your arms?

Handlebarms. :+1:

Remove large chainring and FD, remove rear brake.

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For British hill climbs you need front and rear brake unless riding fixed.

Drill holes in your saddle and remove the foam

Cut your seatpost so half of it is not in the frame

Shave down your brake pads

Remove the brake hood covers

How obsessive do you want to be?


Strip all paint/glaze off frame & components.

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Look for a second hand chainset. Dura Ace will save a stack of weight. Same with brakes and shifters. Also look for lighter wheels. Second hand Dura Ace C24 are pretty light and shouldn’t be too expensive. Put light tyres and tubes on. A lighter cassette? Bars and stem could also save you a chunk of weight.

Figure out a smaller/most optimal cluster; replace unused cogs w/ (lighter??) spacers.