Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin - Homemade Drink

Does anyone make a homemade energy/intra ride drink using bulk Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin power? If so, do you have any recipes to share? Thanks!!

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I don’t use it, but I think i’ll try it out… I use Bulks Ultra Fine Porridge and find it good quality.

Don’t see why you couldn’t just add a flavoured electrolyte table to the Dextrin stuff?

That’s actually what i was thinking of doing… adding an LMNT stick and water to it

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Are the LMNT sticks ÂŁ45 for 12 portions?! :open_mouth:

whatever type of glucose you use, the recipes are the same for your calorie and salt needs


cluster dextrin is a bit different from standard carbs, in that it is not a straight chain carb like maltodextrin, but like maltodextrin it is a macro molecule meaning it has a low osmality and therefore different effects on gastric emptying. The info I have on cluster dextrin (I do product development of sport drinks) is that it is a slower release carb because it has a different branching than say starch or other normal carbs so your body can not break it down as quickly. it is actually often used to mask tastes and odours because of the structure of the molecule is sort of like a cage and traps some molecules inside. So though I do not see a lot of evidence it is better it has some attributes that could make it a choice if you want a slower release carb during exercise with lower stomach upset.

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I get a 30 pack off Amazon for $45… they work though!!

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@Dr_Alex_Harrison id love to get your thoughts

Dextrin, branched dextrin, cyclic dextrin, cluster dextrin, highly branched cluster dextrin etc. etc. are all just fancy lab-created ways to deliver dextrose to your cells with a different name than maltodextrin… and ALL of it functions virtually identically to just straight dextrose, at best, or at worst, sometimes more slowly.

FYI: more “slow-release” also means “more likely to cause GI distress at normal consumption rates during exercise”

Avoid if unsure.

Avoid if more expensive than dextrose or maltodextrin.


I agree personally with Dr_Alex_Harrison, I use maltodextrin, and dextrose for my fuel drinks, a bit of sea salt, and lemon and or lime juice and I am good to go. Though I do think sodium citrate is a great option, I just don’t use it often.

Hi, my Dextrin arrived and I tried it yesterday with a High5 tablet, don’t think I noticed any additional GoGo’s. :thinking:

I assume HB cluster dextrin is nearly identical to HB cyclic dextrin? I’ve used the latter intra-workout since my bodybuilding days, mostly with flavoured BCAA’s back then. It’s hard to work with cycling, I find, as it’s really quite sweet. I use Gatorade powder as the base for my bottles, and adding HBCD makes it pretty gross. Definitely prefer maltodextrin for bottles.