Scratch Labs Introduces new "Sport Superfuel Drink Mix"

Looks like Scratch Labs is introducing a new high carb and calorie drink mix called Sport Superfuel with “Cluster Dextrin”.
Comes in at 39.50USD for an 8-serving pouch of 400cals and 100g carbs each serving.

Here are the claims about the “Cluster Dextrin”

What you need to know about Cluster Dextrin and why it’s so unique.

1. It’s bigger, providing more energy. A Cluster Dextrin molecule packs in more calories per gram – or more energy – than other fueling options. A Cluster Dextrin molecule has 60 to 70 glucose (sugar) units linked together. By comparison, maltodextrin, the most common carbohydrate used in gels and performance drinks, contains 3 to 20 glucose units linked together. One serving of Superfuel Sport Drink Mix provides 400 calories, enough energy to power your hardest efforts.

2. It’s more complex, in a good way. Cluster Dextrin also has a unique structure. Its glucose units are linked together like tree branches wrapped into a wreath. Meanwhile, maltodextrin is a long, straight chain of linked units. When maltodextrin is digested, all of the glucose units break apart all at once. This can overwhelm the gut. When Cluster Dextrin is digested, its branches take time to unwrap and the glucose units break off gradually. With Superfuel, you get a steady release of energy without the risk of gastrointestinal distress. It’s like getting the energy of a meal without the heaviness or the runs!

3. It’s more soluble and drinkable. Because Cluster Dextrin is amazingly soluble, we can get a ton calories into Superfuel without turning it into sludge. Superfuel dilutes easily in water for a great tasting beverage that you can sip, gulp, or chug. It’s great for when there’s no time to chew, or for when you just can’t stomach a thick, sticky gel.

Any thoughts about the science and product in general?

At $5 a pop I’ll stick with sugar water and rotten bananas, thanks.


The price actually doesn’t seem so bad once you factor in gels and chews you would be replacing. This, like beta fuel, isn’t meant to be an every ride drink.


hbcd have been around for a little bit. Never found a cheap source.

But without too much searching you can find it for cheaper than that.

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That looks trustworthy. Lol.

But yes, just insanely expensive to do skratch. There’s a post in the forum for a cheap energy drink formula that works quite well.


:rofl: I know! And the price is not that different. ~20% cheaper at dirtcheapsupps.

Perception can be a funny thing, though. Trivia question! Ask both sources for an assay…guess which one can get one to you w/in 24hrs? :smiley: I know, I know. What’s an assay?

But in any event I’m not sure published research supports the price differential between this and just dextrose/fructose. After being around for several years, the price of hbcd remains very high. I have to be honest, that’s not typical for a supplement that has some efficacy. Creatine used to cost >$75/lb.

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Of course! But I think you could rightfully be skeptical of any supplement manufacturer since it is so unregulated. Really really scary if you go down the rabbit hole asking where do all of these things come from…

Actually, we’re pretty spoiled here in the UK. This carb bulk is about 2 pounds more per kilo than regular glucose. I may give it a whirl but…eh. I’d rather ride my bike than try to figure out which carb is better.

at seven scoops per serveing they better deliver it in 50lbs bags.


mixes easy…goes down smooth! :smiley:

Throw in some sodium alginate & pectin. You’ve got the making of a sports drink empire!

I mean…yeah actually.

Electrolytes are just salt. Mix the right amount and you’ve got your solution. Put in a carb, add a bit of flavoring and you’re done.

Home-made solutions are literally pennies to make. Imagine if you had an industrial amount made.
The market up easily reaches +1000%.

Man, I really should learn how to make a business…


I mix Cytomax and supplemental maltodextrin at 2:1 (sometimes 2:1.5) for roughly 1.5 cents per gram of carb. 100g of this mix costs me $1.50 and will easily dissolve into a standard 22oz bottle. Most of the time I’ll mix a lot less, like 60-80g, since I live in Socal and the weather requires additional hydration.

I stopped using Beta Fuel because it dissolves so poorly into tap water, e.g. drinking fountain water.

I guess if you have a weak stomach and are premixing in bottles with purified water (and have a crew to feed you bottles), then these $3-5 “superfuels” are pretty good. When it comes to sugars, I have an iron gut and would rather wastefully blow my money elsewhere.


I do a 2:1 ratio of Gatorade mix and Maltodextrin. Comes out a little less than the Cytomax, but the same idea. I like a 60g for training and a 90g for extra long and challenging days and races

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Any info on whether Cluster Dextrin is really all that different than Maltodextrin in practice? This boasts that it has a more steady/slightly slower absorption rate giving a more “even” release of energy but that doesn’t seem to be what is suggested here…


Couldn’t agree more, this is along with the other touted products is insanely expensive.

I ordered some to try it out as a “race day” specific drink.

I couldn’t stand SiS Beta Fuel. Maurten was solid, but the vanilla flavor gets a little yucky in the heat.

I have a really hard time eating during XC races, so despite the price, these types of drink mixes are still attractive to me from a convenience and practical standpoint.

This is a confusing thing the gilco site says.

  1. Cluster Dextrin has low unfavorable taste derived from starch compared with other dextrins.

Does that mean its a favorable taste since it has low unfavorability?

Yes. The product’s anti-non-poo-flavoring factor is very low.




I’m a simple man. I see a new Skratch product, I try it. Skratch’s hydration mix has been my go-to for years after trying a slew of others and not liking them for one reason or another.

I’ma order some of this and see how it goes.

What on good ol’ Earth is a “Lemon Oil” ?