High Volume Base - Subsituting Pettit with heavy lifting?

I am four weeks into the Sweet Spot High Volume 1, and have been skipping Petit in order to do a gym session with heavier deadlifts among other things. This has not seemed to hinder my weekend workouts on the bike. I also either rock climb or lift (but not significant lower body) on the rest day, Monday.

Am I missing much by skipping Petit?

I do have the time and will for the HV but would five working days on the bike be better spent following the mid volume plan?

I know the general advice of lift on hard days but that is something I do not have time for.

Will this be catch up with me sometime soon leading to some major burnout?

I normally skip Petit as is it just an easy (rather boring) workout and I substitute it with something else I might want to do.

Maybe weights, often a Fulgaz ride.

So substituting in itself is not always a problem but I suppose it depends on whether heavy lifting compromises your next workout or not.

It sounds like you are staying away from working your legs, which is a good move considering your overall training volume. As for leading to burnout, that depends on how much stress you are able to handle, as well as how life-stress you have to deal with.

The best approach is to start out easy with the lifting, and then listen to your body for signs of fatigue. If you have no signs of excessive fatigue, you can gradually increase your lifting until you find your sustainable limit.

You’re not missing much by skipping Pettit. You will lose some overall weekly TSS, however, with High Volume Base you already have quite a bit of stress.

If all you are skipping is Pettit, you will still get a better Base using the High Volume Plan :+1:

@Bryce thanks for the detailed answer, exactly what I wanted to know!

@John_Hallas, I really agree and have found that Pettit is one of the more difficult rides to get through on the trainer! However I am expecting that once spring comes it will translate nicely to an outdoor ride, compared to more specific workouts.

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