High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) and cycling

Curious to hear if anyone has been on this kind of diet while training.
What kind of ratios you used for the macros, grams per kg of weight, any performance effects plus or negative, etc?

I see a lot of threads on nutrition and carbs but nothing specific about HCLF.

I guess it depends what you consider high carb. The world of diet is a polarised mess these days (much like many other things on the internet) and I don’t see much consensus for a set ratio of macros on a HCLF diet.

I follow a diet plan that is essentially HCLF vegan (not fully raw) and in all honesty the performance benefits for me have been great. I follow a whole food plant based diet that is very high in carbs, I do not add any oil or salt to my foods and I really I feel great, my energy levels are high and my watts per kg are better than they ever have been. I am 46 and I road the Mt. Washington Hill climb on 8/17/19 and took close to 11 mins off my time compared to when I did it in 2016 and I was not fully vegan at that time, in my opinion the diet has helped me. My goal for next year is to get to over 5w/kg next year

Yes I couldn’t find anything consistent which is partly why I wanted to know what if anything others here had done.

I’m not vegan but am tempted to drastically reduce the animal products that I eat. Currently eat meat once almost every day of the week (or fish, eggs etc).

I’m keen to try it out (HCLF). What find of ratios do you work to for the macros? What did you use to calculate your daily intake of each?

Can you advise a macro breakdown? How much carbs constitutes “high” carbs?

I don’t really count my calories but my meals are pretty simple. I have fruit for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I have a large green salad/green veggies and either rice or some kind of potato. I really just eat until I am satisfied. I do not add any oils or salt to my meals

Where are you getting fat from, then?

You might be interested in “The Endurance Diet” by Fitzgerald and his DQS calculator. I found the book through the TR Podcast and it’s very eye opening, although a bit too long (in my opinion) due to multiple similar anecdotal experience stories about athletes who all found that high carb led to better performance.

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I get my protein, fat and carbs from fruit and veggies. While the fat and protein content is lower than most people are accustom to it is adequate so long as take in enough calories. That was the hardest thing when I went vegan, eating enough and I think that is the reason many people struggle with this type of plan, not eating enough.
Again, I follow a whole food plant based diet and I get all my Protein, carbs and fat but the key is taking in enough calories


I will check it out, what I follow is essentially a modified version of 80 10 10 and I say modified because I do include cooked food. 80 10 10 calls for a full raw diet and on occasion I do that (business trips and when I can not really cook).

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Sounds like you have a plan that works!

I was recommending the book to those looking for more info on a high carb based diet.

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