Hi Matt with twin infants, from a fellow twin infant parent

I don’t know how else to find this Matt from the most recent podcast, so I’m trying my luck here!

I really just wanted to reach out and say hello! Who knows how old your twins are now, but mine are almost 10 weeks and it’s been pure chaos. However, we found some semblance of structure about two weeks ago and I’ve been able to get back on the bike with some consistency!

Up until week 8, I was living in a 3 hour hell loop with little potatoes who hated napping and didn’t really care for night sleep either. These girls make my first daughter look like a unicorn! Maybe she is because she has always loved her sleep…

Anyway, if you need any tips and tricks from someone who has done it once and is now living the twinfant life, I hope you read this!


And if anyone wants additional perspective, my twin daughters are nearing 26. Have a fair bit more time for training now.


My first two daughters are twins, too. They are 11 now. Wasn’t too bad in the first year. All those endorphines made it pretty easy and they slept pretty well. Terror came a year later, endorphines waned and their sleep got worse. For two years it was a living nightmare. Still got on my bike regularily though. Wife wanted a third one. This turned out to be super easy relaxed. And I got back to proper bike racing.

My twin daughters are now 3yrs old. I was a walking zombie for the first 5mo before they bothy finally slept thru the night. Prior to their arrival, I would train in the mornings. After they were born, that wasn’t possible. So, I switched to trainer rides at lunch since I live about 1.5km from the office.

That wasn’t enough?! :smile: Actually, we thought about more kids but in the end decided we were done. Wife had an easy pregnancy. Twins were both healthy. We decided to quit while we were ahead.

I found it easy to ride the first few months with all the naps and a supportive wife. Then they basically sat around and played and couldn’t move.

But……I basically was off the bike from
1.5-3.5. When they got mobile caring for them by yourself got so difficult. I didn’t start riding again more than here or there until they were 3 and a half.

Now they’re four and half and I can get out most weekends (one of the days, not
both) and can do a gravel adventure day once every few months.

The sleep gets better but then the children become demons and then seems to get somewhat better again IME. Just don’t compare your training to people without kids let alone people with a single ton whose parents can just “trade”.

Wife always wanted 3. I did not really have a say in this. And in the end, #3 turned out to be the cutest little thing in the world.

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Initially, we were one and done. I hate being pregnant–I can’t train like I want to, I can’t race, I hate vegetables, sleep is stupid hard, and vomiting so much.

Got conned by the first amazing, beautiful girl. “Just one more” I said…I got that BOGO…

I love em though. And they are sleeping better so I don’t look near as close to death as I did a few weeks ago. I just have to stop comparing them to my singleton.

Twins are special as you will see, both good and bad :smile: There is no comparing them to a singleton.

Be flexible. It gets better!

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