Sea Otter Classic and COVID-19

Looks like Sea Otter is in danger of being cancelled.

Hmmm… I’ve been holding out booking my tickets for this. (it’s a LONG way to travel from here).

I hope it goes ahead… and flight prices drop. :slight_smile:

I would be surprised if they cancelled it…nothing else in the US has been cancelled yet. It is not like its indoors with close contact.

I think the fact they sent the email is a sign they are likely to cancel it.


NAHBS postponed

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Indeed. Outside or not, that’s 10’s of thousands of people, from many different locations within (and outside the country) meeting to discuss, shake hands, chat and race. Close enough contact and mixing of people to be a rational concern, IMHO.

Unless we see a huge shift in direction with this virus, I think we are on the cusp of much more impact on events for the pending season. This could just be the first of many…


Well, let’s be clear, everyone here is already sick Some of us for years. We pay for the privilege to suffer. Some of Chad’s rides are complete hell.

All joking aside, traveling the last two days the airports are empty. My plane has 273 open seats. No lines at TSA. The airport lounge is all mine! All The grocery stores have been raided. Luckily, my ex and my mother fought over how many TP rolls should be in the house for safely sleeping at night. To solve the fight, I bought each 365 rolls of TP. The ex no longer lives with us (stating the obvious) so, I got TP covered.

I digress a tad, cancel or not, attendance will be down. Some vendors are like not going to show. I suppose canceling could be prudent.

I think it’s overblown but better safe than sorry. I guess. I know I want to self quarantine to get some 2x days in.

I guess it is about the money the bike companies bring to the show…not the racing. So if the vendors cant get to the show what is the point of holding it. I will be bummed if its cancelled…this was going to be my last year racing and the wife and I were looking forward to one more Sea Otter.

Lots of things have been cancelled. Google has cancelled their big developer conference, people are dropping out of SXSW. Businesses are cancelling travel plans.

This is going to drag on in dribs and drabs for months. This will be the summer of events that didn’t happen.

Already creeping in, seems more related to organiser risk if insurance is pulled rather than the actual virus.

Its official…its being rescheduled later in the year…dates TBD.

Where do you see Sea Otter has been rescheduled? There isn’t anything on the website, and the schedule is showing the April dates.

We are a world-wide company and we’re restricted all travel except on strictly approved “business-critical”. Anyone traveling business or pleasure is also on a 14-day work from home on return.

Got an email and it was posted on Facebook and MTBR.

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My company is doing the same.

It’s not the racing that is the issue, it’s the festival (1000s of people in close proximity).

New dates for Sea Otter: Oct 1-4


great that there’s a new date! but it kinda sucks that it’s the same weekend as the Levi’s Gran Fondo.

As someone who was hoping to do both events it looks like i’ll have to pick one over the other.