Help me choose my next wheels (DT Swiss ER 1400's)

Greetings to all the members of this fantastic forum! I am upgrading the wheels on my Canyon Endurace and can’t decide which of these to purchase. Therefore, I decided to ask you which one you would choose and why. I’ve been searching for wheels within my budget (around €500) and narrowed it down to these two very similar wheelsets from the same manufacturer. The reason for my consideration is the well-known and respected brand and their highly praised 240 hub. My current tires are 30 mm wide GP5000S tubeless.

DT Swiss ER 1400 DICUT 21 DT Swiss ER 1400 DICUT 25
Price (€) 531,42 593,94
Inner width (mm) 20 22
Outer width (mm) 24 26
Rim Height (mm) 21 25
Freehub system Ratchet System 36 SL Ratchet EXP 36
Weight (g) 1493 1598

Here are my thoughts:

  • 20 mm vs. 22 mm Inner Width: Does the difference in inner width between 20 mm and 22 mm matter significantly? I guess 22 mm would be better fit for my 30 mm tyres?

  • Weight: The 25 mm version weighs 100 g more than the 22 mm version. So more aluminium for more money. Does the extra 100 g make any difference?

  • Hub: Ratchet EXP vs. Ratchet SL. I’ve read some problems with EXP. Is the older SL a safer choice?

  • Price: There is only 60 € difference in price, but should I spend it somewhere else than the 25 mm wheels?

Why are you upgrading, what’s your current wheelset?

On the back I have the original DT Swiss Endurance LN. I had a car crash last summer and after that replaced the damaged front wheel with some cheep and heavy DT Swiss wheel. They aren’t that good in holding air (some challenges to seal the rim seam in the beginning). Spokes are different in front and back (rounded vs flat). I would keep these as my secondary wheel set for my knobby tyres.

I’d probably go for the one with the largest internal width 100g isn’t going to make a huge difference unless you are racing up mountains but if that were the case you probably wouldn’t be looking at these wheelsets

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Sram’s tire pressure calculator has a field to input your inner rim width. You can see approximately what effect the extra 2mm will have on tire pressure. SRAM | AXS

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  1. there’s no difference between the 240 and 350 aside from some weight. The SL version just has a few holes drilled in the freehub body.
  2. the wider rim here will be a bit aero if you run a 25mm tire up front.

Otherwise it doesn’t matter

A 30mm tire is awfully wide for a 20mm internal rim width wheel. The sort of 20-21 mm internal “standard” was designed around tires that were 23 to 25mm wide. Now that so many people are on 28s and 30s, I think you will see internal rim widths move out to 23-25mm, sort of like the new Reserve wheels

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The difference between 20 and 22mm internal is negligible here and in general. Both would be very very fine. 21mm is common for XC mtb tires for example.

These are both 240 hubs. The difference is on the ratchet design. The older version (SL) has the double floating ratchets and on the new version (EXP) the other ratchet is fixed. When they launched the EXP version there was some problems with the ratchet teeth and that is why I’m thinking is the older one better.

But yes, I should have a look at similar wheels with 350 hubs.

Sorry- I hear the older version is quieter, especially with the 18t (basic) version. I have a couple of silent ratchet-ring pairs, which I really value.

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I would still recommend the 22 mm width. It is a 10% increase and people like Dan Empfield at Slowtwitch are saying the industry is moving to wider internal widths compared to the current 20-21 mm. You have a bit of future proffing built into your purchase with the wider width.

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I just upgraded my wheelset with a set of wheels from far sports.
You buy direct from China, I got DTswiss 240 hubs, sapim spoke, brass nipples and 40mm carbon rims (30 external, 25 internal hookless); they weigh like 1300g.
Was $1650 Australian to my door.
They have been amazing, best road wheels I have had (and my last carbon ones was dtswiss arc1400 62mm that sell for 2x the price).
I have 2 other track wheelsets from them, they have been great to deal with. You just need to be on the WheelsFar website so yout can pick your build.