Which power meter for me?


I know there are plenty of threads like that but I really dont understand all of this technically.

I have a CX bike which I use as roadie, have a GRX FC-RX600 2x10 46/30 172,5mm crankset and am thinking about getting a PM.

What would be the options?

Thank you!


Thx, not available before November :frowning:

I want to stick with my CX shoes (yes, i know, blasphemy for roaduse)

Assioma do not fit that, right?

plenty of retailers out there

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it’s already 2.5 years old. Bu there has not been much new stuff, so should give a good overview.
If you want to use SPD cleats the options are Assioma+hack, the mightily expensive SRM pedals or any spider or crank based powermeter.

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Power2Max now makes a Rotor-based system that has GRX spacing in a spider-based power meter, with sub-compact chain rings.


EDIT: The top three options in this link are the gravel editions.

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I have the Assioma+hack on mine. But, would also consider the chainring, if my gearing matched that (I use 42/28, and can put on a MTB spider if I didn’t have the pedals). I use Power2Max everywhere else, on my other bikes (road+mountain).

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I use Garmin Vector. Byt my advice is to look for a used power crank. Less expensive and does the job.
The reason I bought Garmin was because I use a spin bike, so can’t change the cranks.


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Spider power meter is a good option. Get a Quarq, you can mix and match chainrings and crank lengths.

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I’m very happy with my both of my quarq’S.

I even had an issue with my old quarq it was 10 years old and their customer service was top notch.

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I’ve had Stages and Quarq, and hands down much prefer the Quarq. It’s very consistent, doesn’t have drop outs, weird power spikes, and connects.


Avoiding Stages especially if you’re riding off road.

I have a Stages left side only XTR crank arm on my GRX.

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Thanks to all of you. Maybe i was being naive but actually the costs seem to be way too much for data which is somehow interesting for me, but not obligatory to have.
So for now I will leave it at that, but I am sure some other will find help through the input given here by all of you! Thx

Depending on your opinion on costs. But I found mine on the Stages site as a blemished unit. I don’t know what the blemish was, but it was I think $200 (couple years ago, can’t remember for sure).

On the cheaper side there are also the two Chinese spider based ones: Sigeyi and XCadey. I think they are both 300$. And from what I hear they work just fine. (you may have to change cranksets, to fit them)
I also see the FSA Powerbox on sale for 500€ pretty much all the time. It’s a FSA crankset with a rebranded power2max spider based powermeter. So reselling the existing crankset could bring down the net price.
It’s all still quite expensive, but a lot cheaper than many other options.