Help me put a PM on my bike

Short version: I have a 2019 Surly Disc Trucker. Want to put a power meter on it, but can’t figure out how! Help.

Long version:

Rear Wheel Hub – PowerTap G3 for disc brakes only has a 28 hole mtb option according to their website. Not gonna work for a 200lb (90kg) rider potentially towing a 100lb (45kg) trailer.

Pedals – Using SPD pedals and don’t want to switch to Keo/Look since this is a touring bike used for super long distance rides with lots of walking around in convenience stores. SRM is still saying “Coming soon” just like it has for the past four months and IQ2 gets their own thread for a reason.

Chain ring / Cranks – It came stock with an Andel 48/36/26 square taper set up. These gears are pretty ideal for everything I do when teamed up with an 11-36 in back. Shimano makes a Trekking triple with the same chainrings and then I could put a left side Stages or 4iiii on there. Would need to track down that Shimano component and put a new bottom bracket in as well, but is this the best option?

And yes, I know putting a power meter on this beast of a bike is sort of silly. But I’d really like to track power on my outdoor rides and just because I get there averaging 14 mph (22 kph) doesn’t mean the numbers aren’t still useful and valid. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Favero Assiomoa pedal body hack, change the pedal body on the Assioma Power Meter Pedals to spd.

TBH I would go for a Stages powermeter, mine has been very good.



Not sure there’s a Stages PM that would work given that the OP is committed to keeping the current chainring/BB setup. The Assioma SPD hack above seems to be the best bet.

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Thanks. Was having that same disconnect with the Stages recommendation. I’m not married to the current chainring/BB setup, but changing those out influences the cost/benefit calculations. Just watched the Assioma hack video… Very doable, but includes risks as well.

If you do change the gearing and go for a crank based one, you could also look into 4iii. I have an XT one that has been flawless…

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Thanks for the reply… I have a 4iiii crank on my “go fast” bike and it’s been flawless as well. But, it has spoiled me and now I really want a PM on my main “do everything” bike.


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Hack it is. Both pedals arrived yesterday. Only had time for a ten minute test ride (in pajamas) this morning. Looks like a winner.

Used the Xpeedo CRX pedals with the Assioma spindles.

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