Help with repairing/replacing crank arm

Hi all

I was doing the sprint section of the Zwift Academy baseline ride this morning when my left (non drive-side) crank arm came off. It’s a Rotor Aldhus crankset, it looks like I broke the fixing bolt that attaches the crank arm to the spindle.

Does anyone know if the fixing bolt is replaceable? I’ve tried looking around locally for a crank-arm but one of the shops carry the part here, or they only carry the Aldhus 3D+ which I don’t believe is compatible with the regular Aldhu line.


don’t know your location worldwide but yeah you can find it (will add the USA link) - its like $20 to $38 USD depending on which you need

look like this ALDHU/VEGAST Replacement Hardware | Rotor America

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Thank you @MikeMckinney ! Much appreciated for the link!