Help me spend $600!

I’ve got $600 I need help spending :slight_smile:

I’m a triathlete on an old (2008) Felt S32 TT Bike. I’ve done a few upgrades like an aero basebar and PD T4+ extensions. I’ve also replaced most of the groupset to current Gen 105 (I guess it’s not current gen anymore… but it was when I replaced the components).

I’ve also got Profile Design 58-TwentyFour wheels and good tires as well as a good sleeved Trisuit and a Giro Aerohead. And yes, I’ve been fitted so my position is pretty good, and I’ve got a power meter and I’m following a TR Training plan so all those bases are covered.

So, the question is, do I get a cheap road bike to grow the stable, do group rides, maybe even open up the possibility of a Crit or a draft legal tri? (ya know… N+1 and all)

Do I sell my Felt and use the combined $$ to get a new tri bike in the $1k range? I’m thinking an A2 Speed Freak or a newer used Felt B series or something like that.

Or, get a disc wheel? (I’ve got a 40K TT coming up).

Let me know what you guys think!

Sounds like you like the Felt.

My 2c … the second bike if it gives you the ability to go on group rides etc. bearing in mind you will not likely have a power meter on it

I do, but I know it’s old and could stand to be upgraded… at lot has changed in 12 Years!

In the current times, I fear getting a road bike for $600 or a Tri Bike in the $1000 range will be a next to impossible task. A lot of bikes are sold out and the used market is dried out.

The disc wheel upgrade (or wheelset upgrade) sounds realistic. With the push towards thru axles and disc breaks you might be lucky to get something nice second hand for your current setup.

Save your money until you can spend more.