Help me Obi wan Trainerroad Whoop users, you're my only hope

Has anyone had any luck finding their Whoop strap from their Garmin Edge? I have the Edge 1030 and was able to connect to the Whoop on like, 2 rides, but never again. I’ve sent an email to Whoop support, but they needed log data (makes sense), and suggested when this happens that I use the “email support” link from the app. When I do that, it fails saying I don’t have any email address set. In my profile information, my email address IS set. (hence, being forced to ask in a forum). This seems like a major feature - seeing your Whoop heart rate on your Garmin and getting that all packaged into your Garmin .fit file.

I have the broadcast heart rate setting “on” in the whoop strap settings.
Whoop strap firmware and app are the latest.

I was not aware that Whoop communicated over ANT+, I thought it was BTLE, but either way - the Garmin talks both, so yeah it should just be automagic.

It is BLE. Either way, all my connection issues have been when there’s another device trying to find the strap. Not a Garnin user but I’ve had similar problems.

If I’m jumping in a Zwift race, for instance, I have to make sure my Wahoo Bolt is off or it will find the strap and cause issue. Not sure why the strap can’t transmit to multiple devices, but I’ve had no luck doing it. I can then turn on the Bolt and get power data but no HR…

If all else fails and you’ve got all the latest firmware and followed WHOOP’s troubleshooting advice (forget strap in phone, restart phone, reconnect, etc…) keep bugging them and you’ll probably wind up with a new strap.

I got one of the first 3.0’s and it was finicky, but the firmware updates have solved all the connectivity and drop out issues I was having.

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My bad, for some reason I thought it had Ant+…like @Tanner1280 said, often times the signal will get stuck to a device, which often means turning off all the offending devices (like any phone or headunit its been paired with in the past).


Ah, I will try that - I have connected the Whoop to zwift on my laptop, which is nowhere near and mostly asleep when I’m riding outside, but maybe the Whoop still maintains that connection. I will unpair it from that and report back!

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Thanks guys - Disconnecting (aka forgetting the device from Zwift) magically seems to have done the trick. I have been able to connect the Whoop to the Garmin 1030 twice on 2 rides now!

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Just to provide some details on why this isn’t magic

Bluetooth is different from ant+ in how the connections work

With bluetooth when the device broadcasting is paired to another device (the recording device) it is a two way connection (primarily so that they can jump frequencies if the signal degrades) and the broadcasting device cannot be paired with any other devices

With ant+ it is broadcasting the data and doesn’t not receive anything back in kind, so you can pair multiple recording devices at the same time to the same broadcasting device

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Speaking as a software engineer working in the iOS space at the moment, the pairing process and exclusivity of how the devices connect really depends on how the Bluetooth spec is (or is not) being implemented by the firmware developer. On top of that, different devices speak different versions of bluetooth. We don’t have much insight into that level of detail as users. In the numerous cases when I could not connect, Zwift was not running, and my laptop was not even running. In a couple of cases, the Whoop WAS connected and transmitting data to the Garmin, then got kicked off mid-ride, and was unable to pair after that. (Yes, I checked the battery, other apps running on the phone etc.)

I have other Bluetooth devices that have no problem connecting to other devices after having been paired with another device. My BT heart rate monitor connects fine to Zwift indoors and my Garmin outdoors with no issues. It is remembered by both devices! Every pair of BT headphones I’ve ever owned behave this way. My BT headphones connect to both my iphone and my laptop simultaneously.

Mainly, I am really disappointed in Whoop support for not being clued in on the specific pairing and connection behavior of their own device and being able to provide a list of things to try rather than taking literally 10 days to acquire my app version, then my firmware version, and finally conclude that I need to email support through the app. (which was broken). For $30/month you’d expect more.

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No luck pairing my whoop 3.0 to my garmin edge 520.

Anyone successfully done it?

Wanted to ditch my wahoo HR strap now that whoop bicep Is getting a good connection

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I don’t think the Whoop 3.0 will pair with the 520 since the 520 doesn’t have BTLE. I think 530, 830, and 1030 are the only Garmin head units at present that will connect with it. I’ve been using my Whoop 3.0 with both an 830 and 1030 and for the most part it has worked well.


“In a couple of cases, the Whoop WAS connected and transmitting data to the Garmin, then got kicked off mid-ride, and was unable to pair after that. (Yes, I checked the battery, other apps running on the phone etc.)”

Here, in November of 2021, I have this exact same issue and there is no information that I can find to fix it. If it won’t track consistently on my Garmin cyclometer, I probably won’t continue with the company after my current subscription elapses.

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@Tossindice - How frustrating! I’ve since started using a Polar heart rate monitor chest strap for when I really need HR data.