Heart Rate Strap/WHOOP Data Issue

Hello -

I am having an issue and I’m hoping somebody can lead me in the right direction or share some advice. Is anyone using WHOOP exclusively for Strava and TrainerRoad? I have a unique issue where for some reason whenever I use an HR strap my max HR is INSANELY high. (For reference I am a 23 year old male, 168lbs, with a 277 FTP)

So I have been an avid WHOOP user for about 8 months now, I was having trouble connecting my device to TrainerRoad so have messed around with a few different HR straps. I first tried the Stages HR strap (top data), and after a few rides I noticed my max HR to be insanely high compared to what I have historically known from my WHOOP data. I brought up the issue with Stages customer service and they shipped me a new unit.

On to strap # 2 - I received my new Stages unit and long story short, same issue.

Finally strap # 3 - I purchased a Wahoo Tickr thinking maybe it was a Stages issue and I am still maxing out my HR around 225.

The alarming thing is across all straps, the data doesn’t look similar. for each ride. Obviously WHOOP is worn on the wrist and the HR strap around the body. I have done research and am fairly sure I am wearing it correctly.

I have attached a breakout of the data - each side by side picture is from the same session, verified same start time. Notice how the max HR and average HR are very different across the same session.

I’d be way more inclined to trust the strap than the Whoop band. My cycling partner uses wrist based HR and his is routinely low, to the point where there’s just no way his HR is getting so low for some of the efforts he’s doing. The Whoop will more than likely have the same issue(I believe DCRainmaker basically said the HR data is skewed to the point it’s useless in his Whoop review). The bottom image is probably the most telling, as this looks like you’ve done some intervals and your HR shows this on the TICKR side, whereas the Whoop is all over the shop.

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