Help! Deep Rim Carbon Clinchers that work with old (2012) Cervelo P2?

I’m trying to buy a pair of deep rim carbon clincher wheels (for rim brakes) for my Cervelo P2. My local bike shop said I would need to find old carbon wheels for it to work - that current model wheels would not work because they are too wide, or would not have adequate clearance.

But last year, to my local bike shop’s complete surprise, I was able to rent Zipps (an 808 in front, and disc wheel in the rear) through for Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga, and the wheels worked great (although I now realize that at an average speed of 20.9 mph, I probably should have used an 808 in the rear instead of a disc - just not fast enough to reap the benefits of a disc, but that’s a different discussion!) with only a simple and temporary modification of the brake pad washer placement. I am pretty sure they put 23mm tires on the Zipp 808 and Disc and those had adequate clearance.

I am trying to buy some clinchers on a budget of about $1,000. I was far down the path with the Profile Design 58/78 twentyfour (great deal on them now!), thinking this was my dream wheelset, and then I noticed that they recommend “25-28mm tire width” on their product page. I called Profile Design and spoke with a representative, who said a 23mm tire might work on the 58/ or 78/Twentyfour BUT they do not recommend it and putting 23s on these wheels would void the warranty ! Ugh! I then contacted Zipp and they say their wheels are now optimized for 25+ wheels, but they said 23s would work fine (and said nothing about warranty issues.) But new Zipps are not in my budget if that’s $1,000 for the front 404 and $1,1150 for the rear 808. What good deep rim carbon clinchers can I buy on a $800-$1,200 budget that will work with my P2 (will take a 23cm tire)?



I’m not certain how mounting a 23 would void a warranty, but whatever…

Look into FLO wheels. Those will fall right into your budget requirements, have aluminum brake surfaces and have excellent aerodynamics. Listen to their podcast to get a code for 20% off (can’t remember the code off the top of my head…something fancy like PODCAST :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Also, a disc is ALWAYS the right choice, unless you are finishing on a climb. Even then, over 56 miles, it is still likely the right choice.

I have 11s 404 Firecrest’s on my Cervelo SLC-SL which i believe is from the same era. Michelin Power 25mm gives a few mm margin. If my memory serves me right it’s the 3T-fork that sets the limit radially. Conti GP4000 S II 25mm did not fit, they had a higher profile. Axially I’m pretty sure width in the rear is the limiter. 808 NSW might be a tight fit since they are 28mm, but 808 Firecrest is 26mm so that would probably work.

Edit: Do they recommend 25’s because of the lower tire pressures? My guess is yes.

I have a P2 from about the same timeframe. I have some deep ENVE’s that I use 25’s on. On my P2 there are some hex screws in the rear dropouts which allow you to move the wheel farther back thus giving you a little more clearance. I would also recommend FLO wheels for a cheaper carbon option. I have some for my road bike. They also have a carbon/aluminum option that is cheaper.

We ran Shimano c50s on my wife’s Cervelo from that era. Now called C60 I think.

Hello. I just ran across this thread. I have a 2011 road bike that doesn’t fit larger than 23mm/maybe 25mm tires. I’ve been using SwissSide Hadron wheels since 2015 and I’ve enjoyed them a lot. The older model I have uses a 23mm aluminum rim with a carbon fairing and the newer models are all carbon I believe, but still with 23mm rims. I have the 485s (48.5 mm deep) and have enjoyed them as medium weight aero wheels. I think the price would be near the top of your $1200 range although I bought them less on sale with a Black Friday Sale I believe.