Helmet recommendations

The Aether

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Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. I ended up going into a bike shop and trying on the POC Ventral Spin, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Coincidentally, there was a sale on POC at Competitive Cyclist, so I was able to order it in the matte black finish and I couldn’t be happier.

Now I just need to pull the trigger on some Oakley Sutros…


Do it, they’re awesome. I think their shape looks better with a POC lid anyway but I still love mine. When I got them I wasn’t sure if they’d be like a “you’re trying too hard to be cool” look but love love them and the lens is so clear

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Funny enough, right after I posted that I did some quick shopping for a pair, and found them almost 30% off at biketiresdirect. Ordered!


I just purchased a Kask Utopia from Competitive Cyclist. They are on sale. It seems like whoever designed that helmet actually wears aero helmets. The straps fit nicely. The quality of the build is visible. The helmet feels like a pillow which says a lot as I own an Aether too. I did a fast solo hour on the flat today and I could feel the difference between Aether and Utopia and genuinely surprised how quiet Utopia is. I loved it so much it think I will get another one in orange color LOL.

I’m on my 2nd kask protone and very pleased with it

I fractured my skull last year and when it came to choose a new helmet I was more interested in how it would perform in the event of another crash. I went with the wave cell spectre not based on the hype but from testimony of fellow “nut crackers”. It’s a bit bulkier, heavier and warmer but it feels safer.

It’s just been announced that QBP will carry MET in North America with first stock arriving in Q4 of this year.

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Reviving this thread as I’m interested in getting an aero helmet for racing. However, I’ve got a head that is very round. I was interested in the Specialized Evade II, but in putting it on at the shop, it was clearly way too narrow for me in the size I needed, and sizing up had me swimming.

Anybody with an extra round head like me have recommendations on aero helmets? Seems they’re all quite narrow after researching a few of them. I currently have a Bontrager Velocis Mips helmet for every day riding.

Almost any Chinese knock off. They’re always too round. But there is that whole safety thing.

I have both POCs that you mentioned and they’re the only helmets I reach for anymore. I think the the Kask protones looks very good on most peoples heads and I love the fit personally, mine is just now 5+ years old so I have retired it. I also have the kask utopia. I think in terms of looks it is ok but I dont like the lack of glasses storage or the wind noise from it.

This could be a good read for you (with helmet shape measurements of different models):

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My poc did a great job of protecting my head on Monday. Replaced with the same model.


Yeah I took a read of that already. Not too many round ones according to the graph he made, which sounds right given how uncommon my head shape is compared to most folks. I also saw above that a user with similar issues to me has a Bell Helmet so I ordered one of those to try out.

I’d have loved to try a MET helmet, but they cannot ship to the U.S. yet, which I assume is due to certifications and what not. Although someone else above mentioned Q4 distribution opening up here, so if the Bell doesn’t work, I’ll return it and wait on trying a MET, most likely.

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MET will be available from QBP in Q4 of this year. Definitely worth the wait - I work at MET :blush:. There will also be a crash replacement program for MET through QBP.

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Oh, link was already posted as I see now. I’ve a Met Manta and the opposite problem. Head is a bit more oval than helmet, it just fits tight and not as comfortable as others.

Thanks for the heads up. I saw in a post above that QBP was going to distribute later this year, and it’s definitely on the radar. I love the look of the aero helmet in that metallic red, so I may actually return the Bell and wait it out, especially if the Bell doesn’t fit as well as I’m hoping it will.

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