Hello I have just fractured my femur

My incident was a 13 percent down hill at 40 mph going into a 90 degree right turn. I thought it was doable. Perfect storm of what not to do. 1; not weighted outside pedal. 2; leaning body and bike over too far. 3; Panicking and touching rear brake. 4; lastly, just being a passenger and not the rider.
Rear tire broke loose when the sidewall couldn’t hold traction. Was like being body slammed.
Would be a cool video to see of the wreck, after impact the bike stuck and I highsided. Sliding on back down hill. The road surface was chip seal. Cheese grater.
Not sedentary then nor now being a working PDM, always lifting carrying and literally on the feet 8 hours of the shift.
Life happens while we’re making other plans.


Voici les radios

Damn, that’s some serious hardware!

Smaller stainless model.

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@salty Highsided going downhill at speed in a 90 degree right. Damn! That hurts to think about it. I’ve high sided on a moto at the track at high speed, but I was in full gear. That hurt, but thinking and picturing yours on a bicycle is much worse :scream:

@Bulldozer Same hardware as me. Hell, the break looks pretty similar as well. The lesser trochanter on mine also had a piece break off. Apparently, they expect it will grow back on I guess they don’t expect it will move around or off to some other location :thinking: I suppose when I go for checkup this week, I will ask for some details about this.

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Yes similar to my fracture I see the specialist again January 4 to see the evolution after radio and opinion on my future professional and athletic
sorry for my english i’m Belgian and speak french

Unfortunately frequent fracture in cyclists

My fall was at 25mph and I “high sided” so unfortunately slammed down onto my hip and didn’t slide at all (no road rash or damage to my kit). I was concerned about bone density being the cause and the response from the surgeons was that the damage was due to the energy being directly absorbed into the femur (just unlucky). However aged 56 I could benefit from having stronger bones as my only exercise was cycling. I have therefore started weight training to improve bone strength and also to address weaknesses in my hip flexors as a result of the surgery. I don’t know if its improving my bone strength but its definitely been beneficial in in addressing the last 1% of my rehabilitation.


Had a checkup this morning, Thursday. It will be 8wks come Saturday. The main break looks almost invisible on the x-ray. The piece of the lesser trochanter that broke off hasn’t moved. It also appears to have reattached. So all good! I totally forgot to get pics of the x-rays :man_facepalming:

I am allowed to move my leg as I wish to work on range of motion and such (heel slide, abduction, knee lift, leg lift, etc…). However, I’m still not allowed to be weight bearing on my right leg/foot when standing for another month.

Anyway, next appt will be after Chinese New Year, so first week of February.

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When I was in, I got lucky that I could do 50% weight bearing right away, and was there for 7 months.

My room mate ( we were called the pain room cause out of the whole floor we had the most painful injuries haha ) he had a very similar injury, but was ZERO weight bearing for 6 months.


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Similar to mine


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yes indeed the same operation my revalidation is taking its course the pains slowly disappear physiotherapist 3 to 4 times a week I slowly regain flexibility in the movements I bend my legs at 90 ° I start to lift the legs still difficult
Monday I see the doctor and radio news for the evaluation

Same injury - don’t rush recovery. I was back to normal on the bike within 12-18 months (noting I’m a leisure rider not a competitor). Interestingly my off bike mobility is not good even 5 years later - never seemed to regain the full range of motion, find running impossible and often have low level pain - I think it’s partly because I don’t focus enough on flexibility exercises and have a sedentary job.

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I wasn’t allowed to run for 2 years, after 3 years I had IT Band issues from muscle imbalances, took me til about 5 years post, and doing my own rehab to get to running regularly.

Pretty well daily discomfort for the first 7-8 years, but got to be a better runner than I was before.

The fitter I am, the less discomfort there is.

Last summer I managed a 16:41 5k ( At the time of my injury, a lifetime goal of hitting 20 minutes seemed like a ridiculous pipe dream )

I do have a bit less mobility on that side, but it mostly has little effect these days.

With the right rehab plans, most people can get 95% of the way back in most areas, and still progress to new lifetime heights in other areas.

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How are you doing? How was the checkup on Monday?

he fracture is consolidating well I can start putting my legs down with more support, on the other hand it does not yet rule on the displacement of the lesser trochanter because the displacement is quite substantial, there are tendons which connect the bone there there is a risk of limping in the future I hope for a 100% recovery knowing that my left legs will be weaker normally within 1 to 2 week I start Swimming after cycling on a roller
I thank you for taking news I will communicate the evolution and I hope it will be good I believe in it
excuse me for my English

I too worry about the lesser trochanter piece, but the doc didn’t seem to concerned :man_shrugging:

Last visit, I forgot to ask if I could ride the trainer :man_facepalming:

While I haven’t seen a physio yet or been told to do anything other than not put any weight on my foot/leg while standing, I have been moving my leg around more and more since the beginning. Part of it is due to the swelling going down which made things like bending my knee and hip possible. Hardest movement I’ve tried at his point is lifting my knee straight up while sitting on a flat surface, think sitting in chair with hip and leg both at 90 and foot flat on floor. It takes concentration, is difficult, and the muscles involved tire quickly and hurt bit, albeit I think there is still some swelling in the hip area. When will you start cycling on trainer?

I’m in week 9. If I remember correctly, you should be in week 4 or 5. Have patience. The pain will lessen. Your leg will become less sensitive. If you haven’t yet, you will soon be able to sleep through the night. And sitting on the toilet will not always be a chore :joy:

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thank you for coming back yes 4 weeks my progress is going well physiotherapist today knee bend at 110 ° very slight pain I sit down with the knee bend next week start with a bicycle crutch with physiotherapist in 2 weeks normally :crossed_fingers:

Your English is better than my French, German, or Flemish.

Speedy recovery!

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Thank you :pray: