Hello everyone, whats your heartrate while doing a 20min ftp test?

Im 33, mine hit 196 at last 4 mins but i dont feel necessary to be so…
whats you guys thought? Cheers

Im 44 years old and I have hit 196 before.

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do u scare or worry while u saw this number?

You’re going to get a ton of different answers, which are almost entirely meaningless. We’re all a little different in this regard because of heart size, stroke volume, age, resting heart rate, fitness…etc.

Mine’s high 170’s at threshold. Lionel Sanders (pro triathlete) who’s about the same age and faster than me would be like 140. Other people are gonna be around 190+. Nothing to worry about there, it’s just the way you’re wired.

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I reach my max HR during ramp tests. Which is 194 at age 44

I was curious, so I looked it up. This was a little over 3 years ago and the last time I did the 20-minute test. Been doing ramp test since that time.

Anyway, hit 168 bpm at the then age of (almost) 60 years old. Surprised by that number since I suffer quite a bit when in that HR range. I’m not sure I could get that high these days.

If that’s your max heart rate then its in the normal range I’d say.

If your question is if you should hit your max heart rate during a 20 min test - i suppose in a perfectly paced test you wouldn’t because your legs would be too tired to draw that much oxygen - could be wrong.

I hit 164bpm max one week ago and I’m 36. I’m a bit of a chicken, tough. Maybe I should have pusher for higher?